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Comment The Economist (Score 2) 291

> The Economist is left leaning by U.S. standards

This may be true; I haven't read it regularly in a couple of years. But I do think it's true that extremists in either US party would find much of what appears in The Economist very uncomfortable. It's probably the most fair and balanced news source around these days and most USians aren't accustomed with that.


"Wi-Fi Refugees" Shelter in West Virginia Mountains 627

The 13,000 sq mile U.S. Radio Quiet Zone is an area in West Virginia where all wireless transmissions are banned because of the large number of radio telescopes located there. (This official page shows a map of the Zone; an old Wired article is fascinating reading.) These high-tech telescopes have attracted unlikely neighbors, people who claim to have Wi-Fi allergies. In recent years, scores of people have moved to the area to escape the "damage" that electromagnetic fields can cause them. From the article: "Diane Schou is unable to hold back the tears as she describes how she once lived in a shielded cage to protect her from the electromagnetic radiation caused by waves from wireless communication. 'It's a horrible thing to have to be a prisoner,' she says. 'You become a technological leper because you can't be around people. It's not that you would be contagious to them — it's what they're carrying that is harmful to you.'"

Comment Re:As apprehended.... (Score 1) 710

> i did this, come and arrest me

If they use LOIC, the script-kiddies are effectively doing just this. And some have already been arrested, though I don't think this was their intention, just a feature of software (LOIC, in this case) that doesn't provide anonymity.

Comment Dynabook comparisons (Score 1) 617

The Dynabook comparisons were interesting Especially:

Here is what Kay got wrong, as far as the iPad is concerned:

- Users can write their own programs for the device
- Kay viewed the Dynabook as a content creation and viewing device, while the iPad is mainly a content viewing device.

Apple got so much right with the iPad, but missed a golden opportunity. The hardware and OS are good enough. The fact that the masses can't (effectively) write apps for it means that Alan Kay's vision still has not been realized. Maybe Android on Wacom/ASUS/AMD hardware would do the trick.

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