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Comment Biggest problem - Live Sports (Score 1) 479

If it wasn't for watching live sports, I would cut off cable right now. Unfortunately, live sports make that pretty difficult to do if you are a fan. I use a Centon cable card tuner with Windows Media Center. This is a pretty good setup for live TV, I just wish there were some other Windows Media Center Extenders besides an XBOX 360. That thing sucks so much power, I hate to leave it on all of the time.

WMC is a perfectly good DVR, but I find myself using XBMC along with Sickbeard to watch other TV shows. Sickbeard will pull the no commercial version of the show off of Usenet within 15 minutes of it being posted, and those scene guys post things pretty fast these days. I could usually watch Game of Thrones withing 30 of it airing on HBO.

Comment Re:Actual Tweets (Score 2) 922

You can find them here:

I find the argument that using the internet is more dangerous than actual speak because more people can "hear" it a bit silly.
These laws seem to have been created to prevent immanent violence based on racial hate on the street, but because the internet records information it is much easier to prosecute these type of "crimes".

Comment Interesting Law enforcement use (Score 1) 591

Currently, law enforcement can track cell phones historically via cell site information. This can be useful in breaking an alibi defense, or loosely grouping a band of people together over time. This only problem with cell site information is the fact that cell site info is only recorded as the cell phone is being used. This new info has the potential to tell law enforcement where the phone, and likely the owner, was at times when the cell phone was not even in use.

As with all things cell phones, most states require a search warrant to use anything off of the phone.

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