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Comment Interesting Law enforcement use (Score 1) 591

Currently, law enforcement can track cell phones historically via cell site information. This can be useful in breaking an alibi defense, or loosely grouping a band of people together over time. This only problem with cell site information is the fact that cell site info is only recorded as the cell phone is being used. This new info has the potential to tell law enforcement where the phone, and likely the owner, was at times when the cell phone was not even in use.

As with all things cell phones, most states require a search warrant to use anything off of the phone.

Comment Re:it's just economics, stupid! (Score 1) 620

Basic economics doesn't really have a model for an expensive product that is expensive to produce but trivial to copy. The only solutions are patents, copyrights and trademarks. That works, sort of, when the copier has an incentive not to make the copies. i.e. the threat of being sued. Against corporations, this prevents copying of formulas in drugs and other thing, like the original hand-held calculation, until the patent or whatever wears off. But in the movie or software business, the consumer is the one making the identical free copies and doesn't care about being sued. Your whole economic argument breaks down at that point because the rational consumer would rather have something for free than pay for it.

Comment I'm about to find out, upload anyway (Score 1) 180

I currently have Time Warner Cable's Road Runner cable internet service. I am scheduled to get Verizon Fios 35/35 service next week. While the download speeds are at least comparable within an order of magnitude, the upload speed should go from ~400kb/s to 35mb/s. I don't currently upload much other than torrents and normal web uploads like pictures, but I can envision myself taking advantage of other things on the internet that I normally have not done. I'm think just off the top of my head I think I might try one of these cloud backup services and streaming more video to my iphone from my computer/slingbox.

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