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Comment Geothermal time, people! (Score 2, Funny) 877

Seriously, dedicate a portion of the land towards geothermal power. Any good cook, and any good engineer will tell you that when you want to keep heat under control, you reroute it elsewhere. Build some geothermal plants on the spot, you know how deep the magma is, then building vent/transfer systems around the caldera will in fact cool it down to prevent an eruption, AND you can sell the electricity generated for, well, generations.

Sheiss, it's so simple, should I really be the one suggesting this? I'm a high school dropout (intellectual as I am), and it's really that obvious.

Comment Re:Bye bye Linux (Score 1) 898

Sure, all they need to do is show a slot machine, showing that if you use 3 7s, you win, if not, you're screwed and lose all your money. Apple would LOVE that "Windows is a Gamble" opening.

BTW Steve Jobs, you now owe me $5,000 for that idea, large bills please.


Submission + - What's a good brand of HDTV tuner PCI card?

NeuroManson writes: I finally made the leap to purchasing a cheap TwinhanDTV ATSC (D+A) tuner card recently, and after making massive efforts to get it to operate semi passibly, realized that I pretty much wasted $45 or so on it. Can anyone advise of a good HDTV tuner card for the PC? Requirements include: Reasonable price (if I can just get a standalone HDTV for the same price, it isn't worth it), allow for YPb/PR inputs, and be compatible with MythTV or Dscaler.

This is not a huge amount of requirements, but it still seems like ATSC/HDTV tuner cards are in their relative infancy, with only a handful of external tuner boxes, and another handful of PCI cards, only 1/3 of each category actually performing as advertised or at all. So for that matter, is there any reason why it's taking far longer for HDTV cards to make the market? Regular tuner cards have been available for computers for almost a decade and a half, and yet it's taken almost as long for HDTV tuner cards to show up on the market.

Submission + - Big 'Ocean' Discovered Beneath Asia

anthemaniac writes: Seismic observations reveal a huge reservoir of water in Earth's mantle beneath Asia. It's actually rock saturated with water, but it's an ocean's worth of water ... as much as is in the whole Arctic Ocean. How did it get there? A slab of water-laden crust sank, and the water evaporated out when it was heated, and then it was trapped, the thinking goes. The discovery fits neatly with the region's heavy seismic activity and fits neatly with the idea that the planet's moving crustal plates are lubricated with water.

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