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Comment Go with the underdog-Tmobile (Score 1) 520

I did a bad thing and got an Iphone and left T-Moble and the smartphone I got free a year prior, since T-Mobile didn't get service in my new home. I called them to cancel, expecting to get a 200$ termination fee, but when I told them why I was canceling, they waived the fee due to my address not being in their coverage area. all they asked was I send them a copy of a bill that shows my name at that address.

Thanks to this treatment, I'll be moving back to T-mobile when/if they ever get 3g coverage in my area. It seems to me that burning your customers on the way out is a sure way to ensure they NEVER come back.

Comment Re:damn. That was quick. (Score 1) 150

if your thinking about getting one let me say... do it! I got 2 when they first came out, they work great. 1 is now a linux router (w/usb 10/100 ethernet) and the other is currently running windows XP. works great. I'd go back to the Linux that came with it, as its a great web browser, but oddly enough it boots really fast with winxp, and my t-mobile shadow is a modem in XP. so I've got a laptop with internet that I can fit in my pocket. why bother with 802.11n, bluetooth, gps... phone does gps, usb cable to phone, and 11g is plenty for that little thing to do web browsing.

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