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Comment Re:it tells you one thing, at least (Score 1) 1719

From my observation, Asperger can make people pretty impulsive and violent for no reason. Not bat-shit crazy, just very impulsive and driven. That would mean that his mental condition could have led him to the massacre even if he rationalized his actions.

One thing for sure though, he did have a lot of pent up anger at his mother.

Really sad for those children, what did they have to do with anything? There is nothing that can be done for them anymore and none of the knee-jerk reactions our politicians are about to have for political gain will help this in any way.

Comment Re:This changes nothing. . . (Score 3, Insightful) 449

"the average American family probably owns close to a quarter million dollars in assets (including their house)"

You must be one of the people that the quarter-millionaire advertising has gotten to. That was BS made up to get people to refinance their homes to take out solid invested money to spend on doodads like boats, race cars, trophy chicks with big fake boobs, over-priced McMansions made out of wood which are nothing more than more liabilities which just increase people's debt.

Yeah, the average American is probably half a million in debt by now but their doodads seem like assets to the outsiders.

Weed is probably the only true asset left because it can't be bought on credit.

Comment Re:Crooked cop (Score 4, Informative) 286

Did you ever see how they "sign" the citations? They are printed signatures in low dpi meaning noone really reviews them on a case by case basis.

I got a ticket once and tried to dispute it based on the fake signature but the judge was as crooked as the cop who showed up in court because he admitted the case even though the fake printed signature should have invalidated the complaint to begin with.

Someone high up in position of authority is filling up their pockets and the pockets of their cronies with money from those shotgun-approach speeding tickets.

Meanwhile, those freeway speed cameras are gone as they were ruled illegal but I did not see a dime back and I still had to deal with my insurance rates going up because of the points.

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