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Comment Re:Linux will never be ready for some people (Score 1) 1365

I am sorry. But I install both Windows and Linux machines as part of my Job. A linux OS install wins bar none compared to windows XP or 2003. Hardware just works. Were as Windows you generally have to track down Video and Network Card drivers. Sometime you need to install hard-drive controller drivers. Under Windows XP or 2003 that requires a floppy drive. Do you know how hard it is sometimes to find a working floppy drive.

Post install software install. Depending on the age of the product they both can take time to download updates.

Software install. Most everything in Linux is put a check next to what you want to install and it is there. On Windows Insert CD. Run installer. Find the anywhere from 10 to 128 char lic. key. Install. Sometimes requires a reboot.

I recently had my Laptop running Linux have an HD failure. I know it was coming but was hoping it could hold off until the weekend when I could rebuild. In under 1 hour I had a running kubuntu 8.04 install. Connected to my Network using Wireless. Took me a few hours to restore my files and get my desktop the way I like it.

Last Windows 2003 install I did took me two days to get they box running as I need to download drivers. Get them on the system. I ended up having to use a usb stick since it had no working network card drivers out of the box. Then windows update kicked in. Finally I had a working Windows system. Now the the joy of installing windows software nothing like having to type in lic. keys into installers. 2 Days later I had a system up and running.

Granted I have had installs under windows only take a few hours and Linux installs that just wouldn't work right and take days but as a whole Linux installs take less time.


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