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Comment Why? (Score 5, Insightful) 403

Confession: I'm a Windows/PC user. Win 7 works fine for me. I use it at work. I use it a home. I can run pretty much anything I want on it. It's stable and mostly trouble free for me.

I've yet to see a single compelling reason to move to Windows 8 for desktop/laptop. Maybe it's OK for tablets? I don't know... I use Android and I'm happy with that. Is there *any* "ohhh... gotta have that" feature in Windows 8? Looks like a usability step backwards from Windows 7 to me. Am I missing something?


Comment Climate change (Score 5, Informative) 608

Romney: "my best assessment of the data is that the world is getting warmer, that human activity contributes to that warming, and that policymakers should therefore consider the risk of negative consequences. However, there remains a lack of scientific consensus on the issue â" on the extent of the warming, the extent of the human contribution, and the severity of the risk"

No, Mitt. There really is no "lack of scientific consensus". Two years ago it was at 97% of scientists in agreement.


Comment Re:So? (Score 0) 816

I've got friends, and I'm sure you do too... obsessive about recycling, shut off the water when brushing their teeth, drive small cars with good gas mileage (and/or take public transportation, ride their bikes), support "green" causes, eat organic foods, etc... I'm sure you know the type.

But then they go and spawn. Repeatedly. Have I published a peer-reviewed, formal study? No. But I personally know some of those people, and given the limited number of people I know compared to the population of the earth, it is safe to say that those people exist, and in fairly large numbers.

And while they seem to work tirelessly to "save the planet", the act of having in excess of 2.0 children serves to greatly defeat their environmentalist activities. And yet this fact seems to escape them...


Comment So? (Score 0) 816

Sounds like a self-correcting system to me. It's seen in nature all the time. It's just sad to me that we, as a species, are too stupid and stubborn to keep it from happening to ourselves.

I'll never understand so-called environmentalists who go out and have 5 or 6 kids. I can think of nothing quite so environmentally irresponsible...


Comment Show me the actual accident data (Score 2) 358

Show me the massive increase in accidents and fatalities that have come along with the massive increase in cell phone usage. Then I'll believe there's a real correlation. The results of a controlled test designed to yield a certain result isn't useful data.

Here's the fatality list through 2009. It shows steady decreases in fatalities per mile driven.

Of course, that's 3 years old now, but still... there's been an increase in cell phone use through 2009, so if using a cell phone is as dangerous as drunk driving, I'd expect to see a big increase in the fatality rate, not a decrease.

And here's another flawed study (2010)...

They estimate that 25% of crashes involve the use of cell phones. Based on that, I would expect accident rates to increase (to a degree) along with cell phone usage. But they don't. Many states have banned cell phone use by drivers. In those states, shouldn't see a big decrease in accidents? Do we? I doubt it.


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