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Comment Re: Office 365 (Score 1) 337

We're a reseller of Office365. Most of our clients still keep their data locally. In fact, setting up cloud storage with Skydrive is really a back door to a SharePoint site that must be setup first for collaborative central cloud storage. Currently, it's a huge PITA to setup and assign granular permissions.

Where Office365 does shine is hosted Exchange and local installs of Office 2013 via 'E' plans. Our clients love it to be quite honest.

Comment Re: Full of BS (Score 1) 292

Well, no actually. You need the same amount of storage, but not spindles; which isn't the same thing. When you run VMs from a server, you benefit from data consolidation vs. each machine running on bare metal.

With the advent of BYOD, throw-away consumer electronics, and thin client machines booting from VM client images; the days of consumer drives needed in office desktops will become more and more sparse. I can only imagine the consumer PC market will follow a similar downward trend (sans VM and thin clients). Save for those specialty gaming rigs and workstation class machines used in drafting, manufacturing, and GIS (oil and gas industry).

Comment Re: Full of BS (Score 1) 292

OCZ aside; when we procure Dell PowerEdge servers for the SMB market, we don't actively select the brand of drive. What we do select is capacity and performance and weigh that against cost.

Now you may be asking is "why"? Simple. 1: We trust Dell's selection in their PowerEdge lineup. 2: We never run a server without an active warranty. Drive fails in an array; we get it replaced the same or following day. No problemo.

Comment Re:In English (Score 1) 139

Also it can save power. If the GPU is creating frames lower than 60hz then that's less power it needs to spend to do it.

There's no "can" about it. It's a proven fact that it does saves power!!! I know because I enable VSync at the global level in the nVidia Control Panel. Regardless of what game I play, the card isn't calculating into infinity and drawing over 100 watts of power (not including the CPU power savings). It's also more quite because the fan isn't working hard to throw off the extra heat that would otherwise be generated.

Mid-range cards are nasty fast and efficient. With a standard LCD monitor (which over 99% of the population uses), you don't need anymore than 60 FPS because you're not ever going to see it. It's just a waste of GPU/CPU cycles that only the benchmark queens care about.

Comment Re:It's simple: (Score 1) 668

We don't have a tax problem in-so-much as a spending and entitlement problem.

Do you want to win in American politics big time? Level with the public. Just stand up and say "vote for me and I'll give you FREE shit". It would be a landslide victory. Take America off life support and let it die already. We're not just financially bankrupt, but morally and ethically too.

Comment Re:It not logical Captain (Score 1) 466

Business trips are often booked in the last minute. Especially if you work in IT and have to make an emergency visit that justifies the trip. Anyways yes, flying is a shitty experience. If it's not the screaming kid kicking the seat behind you, it's the fatty taking up all the leg and elbow room.

Fuck it! Just model after the stand-up roller coaster and be done with it.

Comment Re:It not logical Captain (Score 1) 466

I actually had the middle seat between a couple's windows and isle seat. They chose those seats because they were both obese. When I went over to sit, both of their rolls of fat rendered the middle seat absolutely useless. Maybe enough room to fit a bag in. I was lucky that there was another seat that I could relocate too. But imagine a full flight where they had to shuffle people around or kicks someone off the flight.

  They should have paid for that third seat so no one else could be assigned to it.

Comment Re:I'm Sorry, China (Score 1) 634

Just one question: What happens to the 16 TRILLION in debt that the remaining states hold once the southern states leave the union? Do you think China or anyone else is going to ask those states to pay up? LOL, ya right. Nope, they're no longer part of the union, remember. Whoever holds the bag is going to be in for a nasty surprise!

Comment It is called nitpicking. (Score 1) 438

Take a look at Les Misérables. The film is goes south very quickly at the end.
After Jean Valjean becomes wealthy why did he become mayor? He was still a wanted man after all. That was a stupid risk to take.
Why after escaping and saving Cosette why did he still stay in France? He seemed to have access to much wealth so why not go to Spain, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, or Canada? I mean how stupid was this man?
Simple... It would have made for a terrible story.
Most if not all the "errors" in Gravity were to make a good story.

Comment Re:what about the data format? (Score 1) 204

Well probably the first step would be to create a rosetta stone for them. Encrypt something that will probably be around for for a very long time in multiple languages. I would suggest three religious texts the bible, the Koran, and the Bhagavad Gita.
Follow those by various texts on language, science, math, and history.
Next I would document all the data formats used in the rest of the data.
Then I would include things like all the patents and so forth.
Then store copies of all the data in lots of places. Places like monasteries, castles, forts, national parks, the dry valleys of Antarctica, the tops of the highest non-volcanic mountains of each continent, the Atacama Desert, the great pyramids, several of the Mesoamerican pyramids, Stonehenge, and finally Ísafjörður and Neskaupstaður Iceland. The last two are near the mid atlantic ridge but not near active volcanoes. With the seabed spreading at the mid atlantic ridge that land should be around the longest. Maybe it should be an ongoing project. Every 100 years each of the data stores gets updated.

The Military

Weaponized Robots Could Take Point In Future Military Ops 182

Lucas123 writes "This past week at Ft. Benning, weaponized robot prototypes from four robotics companies — Northrop Grumman, HDT Robotics, iRobot Corp. and QinetiQ — demonstrated their abilities to traverse rugged terrain, fire machine guns and take out pop-up targets from a distance of 150 meters. 'They're not just tools, but members of the squad. That's the goal,' said Lt. Col. Willie Smith, chief of Unmanned Ground Vehicles at Fort Benning. For example, the Northrup Grumman's CaMEL (Carry-all Mechanized Equipment Landrover) can run for 24 hours on three-and-a-half gallons of fuel, and can be equipped with a grenade launcher, an automatic weapon and anti-tank missiles. The CaMEL also can identify targets from three-and-a-half kilometers away, using a daylight telescope or thermal imaging. The robots have also demonstrated their ability to be air dropped behind enemy lines or into remote terrain."

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