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Comment Re:Rerelease it on other platforms (Score 2) 127

Square Enix has released a lot of games for iOS. Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy, you name it. Sega too. They sell both Sonic the Hedgehog and Phantasy Star II.

The 3rd generation of AppleTV includes a single core Apple A5 (ARM Cortex-A9) CPU and dual-core SGX543MP2 graphics chip. Basically the same as an iPad2. There's technically nothing preventing Apple from turning the AppleTV into a console for iOS gaming. All you really need is a game pad to relive the nostalgia of the 16bit era.

Give it a few generation. Nintendo will be the one that publishes games to an AppleTV 5 or 6 (Apple Pippin redo). ;-)

Comment Re:But dos and older windows 9X apps / os may not (Score 1) 212

It's prolonging a much bigger issue however. Eventually, that antique hardware will also have to be replaced and out goes the need for RS232. One would hope anyways. This problem is a yarn ball of a discussion that need to happen now and not later.

1. When will the 20year old printing hardware be replaced or decommissioned?
2. How much will it cost?
3. Does the company plan on investing in upgrades, or flip the company leaving the next owners with a money pit? (if yes, GTFO and find another job. There is no future for you)
4. When will the upgrade plan to take place? This will determine how much old hardware you will need to ensure an adequate support overlap.
5. If upgrades are to occur, what (if any) ancillary effects will this cause throughout the rest of the company's network infrastructure (software, client, server, etc). Are you looking at just the tip of the iceberg in capital expenditures?

Comment Re:Doesn't Amazon provide what the OP wants? (Score 1) 212

Recently they added the ability to also buy the audiobook version and the app *syncs your place* so you can switch between the two formats. That's a pretty amazing idea.

But the app doesn't help the author. He said he had a Nook. Thanks to the recent firmware update people with a Nook Color or Nook HD can get then app, but if you have the eInk based "normal" Nook, you're just out of luck.

As DRM goes, Amazon has done an excellent job of reducing annoyance. They don't try that "you can only read this book on 2 devices, ever." stuff that we've seen elsewhere. But I get the feeling the only reason Amazon's DRM is so unobtrusive is they were so overwhelmingly powerful they could force publishers into a relatively consumer friendly system. We're lucky Amazon cares more about selling books than trying to wring money out of Kindle hardware sales, or the DRM would have been a lot worse.

Comment Re:Bitcoin is already legit (Score 1) 300

I canceled my Butterflylabs Bitcoin Miner order when I was presented the opportunity.

All alternative currency that can be converted to US dollars is subjected to taxation. Fuck that. I don't need to deal with the buttache for one. Secondly, you will make more money if you out-right by and sell BTs on the market vs mining them. Don't waste your time with ASICs. Those that can profit from them will be the people sinking hundreds of thousands of dollars into this. The average 'Joe' with his small fry ASIC and GPU won't even be a drop in the bucket.

Comment Re:This makes no sense (Score 1) 802

Actually since they already have the evidence on him the judge could be ordering him to decrypt the drive for evidence on other people. They may be looking for the victims and the source of the data. So if they order him to decrypt the drives and not use the data in his trial then their is not violation of the 5th.

Comment Your device, their data (Score 4, Insightful) 377

The problem with BYOD is that users often want access to corporate data. But companies have a right, no, make that a duty to protect their own data. The problem is that in order to do that, the company has to have some control of your hardware. Mainly with regards to encryption and holding the keys from you. Again, your device, their data. And that's often the point of contention between staff and IT personnel.

Comment Re:true... true (Score 1) 144

I've been an IT professional since '98. Network admin, deployment, project management, etc. The only thing I haven't done is compile an application (dev work not my bag of tea). I *used* to love technology until I've gotten burned out working 65+ hours a week. Even before my first child was born, The last thing I wanted to do was start working on my laptop or PC at home. I just wanted to drink and veg out in front of my TV. My brain is too tired and shreaded to think let alone be exited by anything else. Which BTW is a coming-home-to-Jesus moment for me. If I'm not exited to be around my own son after work, I need to GTFO and choose an entirely different industry. IT work is for the young. I'm burned out and have no shame throwing in the towel. Fuck this shit!

Comment Re:Greenpeace (Score 2, Interesting) 93

That is not true. Geenpeace does care about the environment. I fear they are at the ends justify the means point. They have to make money to do the work they feel is so important so they must raise it.The people that will give the most are the ones that are most extreme and most scared so you feed the base to get the funds to do your "good works". The problem is at some point the extremists take over and believe the FUD, and enjoy the money and the glory of fighting the uncompromising good fight...

Comment Re:Energy a bit more important than Beer (Score 1) 325

Actually Popular Science has done some very good science articles including one debunking the 9/11 conspiracy theories. I am shocked at how many good articles and balanced articles they are doing on things like Fracking and Nuclear energy.
Remember fear sells. People writing books and giving speeches about how the we are destroying the Earth also are making good money by feeding people's fear.
And yes since the gas layers must be impermeable to gas they must also be impermeable to water. Their are no Aquifers that are being used below the shale layers.

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