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Comment Re:Commercial Internet (Score 3, Interesting) 162

1. Require a business license to get a .com

A business license from whom? Not everyplace requires a business license to have a business.

2. Require 501 non-profit status to get a .org

Good. Limit .org to US only.

Look at how well this worked for .edu. (must be an accredited, four year, degree-granting organization).

Really? The local community college has a .edu name. As I recall, phoenix.edu too.

Comment Re:Tears of a clown (Score 1) 149

Except that people have actually confirmed ComCast was deliberately degrading Netflix.

It is a shame that you didn't read the second link you included. It is rather specific in saying:

Given Comcast's long running fight with Level 3 about peering agreements, and the fact that Level 3 is also a Netflix CDN provider, I believe that Comcast is refusing to pay for the amount of bandwidth needed to handle the amount of Netflix data its customers are streaming from Level 3 CDN nodes.

That's the choke point problem, NOT Comcast deliberately throttling Netflix. As for proof:

Unfortunately, there's really no way of me proving this theory.

At that point the entire proof boils down to "motive" and guessing. And if the peering connection is the bottleneck, then yes, it does impact all traffic crossing that connection, not just Netflix.

Hell, Level 3 squarely pointed the finger at Comcast.

Yeah, 'cause we all know that Level 3 has no dog in the fight and no public relations issues to deal with over the problem. They'd never lie.

Comment Re:Tears of a clown (Score 1) 149

That means access to land. Access to land means permission of governments: it is governments that turn land into "property".

And it is the same governments that take that property and turn it into rights of way. One hand giveth, the other taketh away.

if you don't like the railways, you can't start laying down tracks next to Amtrak's and Conrail's.

However, you can lay in another fiber.

Comment Re:Tears of a clown (Score 1) 149

If I'm getting data significantly faster from my ISP's streaming service than from Netflix or Youtube, then something is configured to provide different service levels...

No, that's not necessarily true. If the Netflix data has to pass through a choke point to another network provider and is slowed down because of all the other traffic also passing that point, and the ISP's streaming service is contained entirely on the ISP's net, then it isn't a configuration issue, it's an amount of bandwidth available issue.

And since many people confuse the On Demand kind of streaming service from Comcast with the purely internet based services, then you need to remember that On Demand doesn't use the Internet, it uses cable bandwidth.

Comment Re:Thats more junk at the bottom of the ocean (Score 1) 93

No its not.

Salt water under high pressure is not corrosive? You've never dealt with stuff underwater for very long, have you?

The porous rusticles will eventually dissolve into fine powder. So most of those bouys will be consumed and meet the fate of the Titanic, dissolved to dust.

Which is what I'd call a corrosive environment.

Comment Re:First (Score 1) 347

Or, you can skip all those steps and just take a binary from a source that you trust and flash it.

The comment was about finding the backdoors and such, not just being able to flash in a binary from someone else you have to trust hasn't put one in. You don't find anything when you flash in someone else's binary, you just add another level of trust. (As someone else already pointed out -- is there code hardwired into the router that isn't replaced by any flashing?)

Even if you want to do the code review and compiling there is no need to verify what was in there before.

If you want to find the malicious code, yeah, you need to know what was in it.

Comment Re:Everyone prepare for Armageddon! (Score 1) 182

Sorry; no. The 73,954 pages of the Federal Income Tax Code blow that theory to hell.

The Federal Income Tax Code isn't Oklahoma's Income Tax Code, and the tax being talked about is a state tax.

CEOs and other parasitic rich pricks leverage the countless legal deductions to pay the minimum amount of tax they are legally required to pay.

FTFY. Just like every other parasitic prick on the planet. I bet you don't pay more than you are required to, do you? Am I a "parasitic prick" because I gave a thousand bucks to the Red Cross last year so I would owe less in federal taxes? I'd rather see RC get the money than the feds and I'm a bad person?

Comment Re:There's a reason books can't be updated (Score 2) 249

I actually thought the same thing, but according to the article, these aren't full of manuals. They've got 300 popular books and literary classics. It's a lightweight, standardized, secure library for sailors who are bored and want to read. While this would be a terrible consumer device, I think it makes sense for the use case. If you're deployed on a ship for six months, having 300 books to choose from is a lot better than having zero books to choose from.

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