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Comment Re:why? (Score 5, Insightful) 192

Heck even with a 'phone' it's useful. Imagine you arrive in Hong Kong at midnight and you want to move your phone to Vodaphone. You don't have to seek out some store and buy a SIM - Just happens presto.

When I travel with my phone, I don't even want to turn it on before I put in a new SIM for the local system. Turn it on, it registers with the local carrier and your home carrier starts forwarding calls to it -- at international rates.

I certainly don't want "presto" reprogramming my SIM. I don't want to have to call my home carrier to tell them to move it to X, and then X to have them move it back, and have one or both of them charge me for the privilege of screwing it up so I have no working phone at all. No thanks. That's one of the benefits of having GSM versus whatever. The phone is the SIM, and I can carry more than one to be more than one thing. And I can use the second SIM in my backup phone without it costing me a second plan on both carriers.

Comment Re:Better Than Commercial Software? (Score 1) 202

Look at it this way: So some thug walks up to you and blows your kneecap off, and then threatens to blow your head off next if you don't hand over some money. What are you doing to do? Not saying it's right, but should an entire business fall on the sword out of principle? They could be left bankrupt from the damage.

Comment Re:Bah! (Score 1) 242

No one invaded the US in WWI. Granted our entrance into WWII had an attack on US territory but there was no invasion until after we entered the war. Of course you can argue that the US had no interest in entrring those wars but we did and have largely structured our defende strategies around no allowing other countries wars unfold to the point another world war would happen ever since.

Concentrating on someone invading the US is a complete mistake. If someone invaded Mexico or even Canada, you better bet the US would enter the war. Same goes for a number of countries in south america as well as around the world. But if we knew some country was buying arms to invade colimbia, strengthening their defenses for that particular threat could very well avoid a war or even stop it before it got large enough to become another WWI or vietnam or Korea. So lets look at the entire picture rather that only the portions that can easily be discredited. Or should we forget the lessons history has taught us and become another Neville Chamberlain. Even if you think we should, the cold war has shown that the defense strategies of the US and quite a bit of the rest of the would do not think we should.

Comment Re:Godwin's Law (Score 1) 242

Godwin is more or less a way to be intelectually lazy any more. Back when it first came about, it wasn't the entrance of Nazis, hitler, or any evil historical figure into debates that was the problem, it was when a point or participant was compared to or likened to them. The observation was that once that happened, nothing constructive would come after and it would de-evolve into personal attacks and so on so debate was essentially over there.

Now it is a trick of the dishonest and intelectually lazy who think any mention automatically means a loss in the debate and if they point it out, they somehow win it. This is true even in discussion about WWII to some even.

Sometimes the mention of these topics are beneficial to the debates. This is especially true when discussing topics like oppresive governments and data collection. Its likr that sayong about when you don't know about history, you are doomed to repeat it.

Comment Re:Thank you (Score 1) 242

It appears the biggest thing stopping releases right now it the reporter Greenwald trying to monitize the process. Snowden says greenwald has all the dicuments.

There are people right now trying to organize mercenary teams to find snowden and turn hum in to the US. There is even one of the right wing radio host claiming they want to start a kickstarter campain to crowd source this.

Comment Fuck that, shut them down. (Score 4, Insightful) 242

This organization has proven that they have no regard at all for the law. One of the fuckers actually told a reporter a few days ago that he thinks the first amendment should be "revised" to make the NSA's job easier.

NSA apparatchiki have committed billions of felonies, and continue to do so as we speak. The only remedy that will make them stop is to disband them altogether.


Comment Re:Thank you (Score 2) 242

With an honest president, this crap would have been stopped long before a Snowden would have appeared.

What we have is an untold amount of information being collected and disiminated to foreign organizations with a reporter and internet salesman in possession of it to start their newest money making venture and the guy eho initially took the information it is offering to help other countries defeat the US inteligence gathering that is likely constitutional. What a mess we have

Comment Re:Daisy, Daisy... (Score 0, Troll) 264

You're missing the point. Only a dumb chat bot would take his typo literally

Who took it literally? I think I was being very kind in pointing out the typo by using gentle sarcasm. Perhaps my saying that 50 mHz is "well below" human hearing instead of "practically fucking DC" confused you?

This is "news for nerds." Any self-respecting nerd that doesn't know the SI system of prefixes should just turn the computer off and go back to bed. Trying to insult the messenger for a failure to preview a posting and being NINE ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE WRONG is just pathetic.

Comment Re:Keep moving the posts (Score 1) 135

I don't think he claimed it was leftist government rather that it was government the left supports. Its a small but significant difference as the government can be left or right and its the left that wants more of it.

The bigger the state(government) the smaller the citizen. What you said is also true but neglected where it leaves us.

Comment Re:They're living on the government teat. (Score 1) 135

Not true. Clothes are designed to hide flaws in the human body. Most women are flawed to some degree. Air brushing models and makeup to hide some of them have been around for quite a while.

Now i could understand your conclusion about him maybe being gay if he said something along the lines of a man in clothing is more attractive than a naked woman but he didn't.

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