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Comment Re:Daisy, Daisy... (Score 0, Troll) 264

You're missing the point. Only a dumb chat bot would take his typo literally

Who took it literally? I think I was being very kind in pointing out the typo by using gentle sarcasm. Perhaps my saying that 50 mHz is "well below" human hearing instead of "practically fucking DC" confused you?

This is "news for nerds." Any self-respecting nerd that doesn't know the SI system of prefixes should just turn the computer off and go back to bed. Trying to insult the messenger for a failure to preview a posting and being NINE ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE WRONG is just pathetic.

Comment Re:Keep moving the posts (Score 1) 135

I don't think he claimed it was leftist government rather that it was government the left supports. Its a small but significant difference as the government can be left or right and its the left that wants more of it.

The bigger the state(government) the smaller the citizen. What you said is also true but neglected where it leaves us.

Comment Re:They're living on the government teat. (Score 1) 135

Not true. Clothes are designed to hide flaws in the human body. Most women are flawed to some degree. Air brushing models and makeup to hide some of them have been around for quite a while.

Now i could understand your conclusion about him maybe being gay if he said something along the lines of a man in clothing is more attractive than a naked woman but he didn't.

Comment Re:Ok (Score 0) 135

It's alright for you to dismiss a whole group with some stupid 'lefties' tag

Reading comprehension isn't your long suit. What I said is that American academia is lousy with lefties, not that it is composed entirely of lefties.

whatever the fuck that means today

It means people who advocate expanding governmental power over the economy.


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