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Comment Re:Plus other problem with you (Score 1) 214

I just grabbed an arbitrary high value that I thought would include not only the worker's pay, but the employment taxes, benefits packages, management costs, insurance, retirement, and so on. The actual employee may only be making 80K or less but the entire cost of the employee is what I was going for.

There are a ton of costs beside the employee's pay that are associated with employing a worker. The entire picture is what I was trying to capture and I was trying to be on the high side of the estimate..

Comment Re:So what if they protest? (Score 0) 86

"Suppressed the speech"?? How? But there was what seems to be a clear violation of policy in some of the info that was released to ProPublica.

lol.. you don't think blocking the tax exempt status which creates a huge disadvantage for those donating to them doesn't suppress the amount of or types of speech those organizations had the ability to do? Do you think having to pay taxes in the range of 20% of their intake doesn't mean they have 20% less ability to generate that said speech?

The IRS is an INVESTIGATIVE org and since there was influx of groups on both sides applying for tax-exempt status thanks to the idiotic Supreme Court decision on Citizens United, extra scrutiny is warranted based on a group activities since there are restrictions on the POLITICAL activity for groups granted tax-exempt status.

Lol.. I don't think anyone is disputing that nor do they have a problem with it. The problem is not the extra scrutiny or the investigations. The problem _is_ that it was applied one_sided based on political ideology. Only 30% of the groups with liberal sounding names were sided for extra scrutiny with only 1 of them being denied. All the tea party and conservative groups were flagged with no further processing being done and mounds of irregular information being asked for including names of donors (which was passed to apposing groups) and operational strategies which was also passed to apposing groups.

To reiterate, if a group seeking to be tax-exempt is going to be POLITICAL, then it behooves the IRS to be INVESTIGATIVE.

TO REITERATE, if it was evenly enforced, there wouldn't be a problem. But it wasn't and tea party groups were singled out with vital information that should have remained private being passed on to opposing groups.

That IS a grave concern and serious allegations SHOULD be investigated - but Issa and co appear to have started on the assumption that Obama has the Cincinnati office on speed dial and their "investigation" quickly became a witch hunt and is going up in flames.

The director in charge of the division has made many trips to the white house, this is fact. The Cincinnati division was directed to send the conservative and tea party applications only to Washington for further review. The political train on this does reach Washington- when it reached Obama or not is a completely separate story that I never went into.

Further reading:

I would suggest you start looking at source other than ideological sites like the two you posted links to. They are just like your initial reaction which ignored what was said and went into a defensive mode to protect your ideology and political leaders. Look up the lawsuit and the details on it that has been filed against the IRS. You are only getting hand picked details that support some preconceived notion you possess and it makes you a twit. By the way, look up the definition of twit, it is aptly used here.

Comment Re:I wonder when.. (Score 1) 225

You give him way too much credit. Bin Laden was an Islamic fanatic who viewed himself as a lion taking on another powerful creature. By poking at the 800lb gorilla, you garner support even if you fail taking down that gorilla. You got his attention, and that's all that mattered.

Bin Laden is dead. I'm pleased. I only hope that fucker gets ass-raped in hell. Right alongside with Adolf Hitler as a cell mate. Anyways, he's dead and gone. Let's now focus on our other problem in this country. Problem that have been systemic for a very long time now.

Comment Re:The ipad app is superb (Score 2, Insightful) 331

Android is, well, inconsistent and fragmented. There are android phones that are rock solid and phones that are absolute shit (lockups, random reboots. etc). Now mix that with all the various versions of Android OS and it becomes a real problem ensuring quality control for your entire PBS audience. With the iPhone, development and expected results via testing are easier to manage.

Comment Re:Not working well outside US (Score 2) 214

I'm not trying to defend WiGLE but it isn't really identifying by IP or any other stock measure. I understand about the geolocation data based on IP addresses but the WiGLE site is mostly user generated by war drivers along with GPS data built by programs like Kismet and netstumbler. It refines the locations by averaging the latitudes and longitudes of the SSIDs gathered using the signal strength (squared) as a weight.

In other words, it relies on users- not out dated published materials who have visited the field and location. Try it yourself and see how accurate it is. Click on the map page, zoom out enough until you can click and drag it to your area, look at the available networks to your computer and then try to zoom in to where you are at and see if they are listed. Someone, or more likely several people, have been at or near your neighborhood and posted their finds. There are aps that run on phones and people can turn them on while driving home from work, riding the bus or subway or while doing anything else too. Imagine the Google street view car mapping access points and making all the information searchable.

Well, it looks like their site might have been slashdoted. It's not showing the SSID's any more and has replaced it with a plot error message. It might take a while for them to get it back up properly. I found my area and it was accurate within football field range. The Chicago example I posted was a random look up trying to be as neutral as possible.

Comment Re:Maybe... (Score 1, Interesting) 214

Lets explore this concept a bit.

Lets say that each unionized employee that would be on site cost the utility $150,000 a year and you need 3 of them at each site to achieve disconnection from the internet. That's only $450K a year per site and lets say it covers 20 sites per company or utility type (lets examine Columbus Ohio which charges a sewage fee based on water usage so the 20 sites would cover both aspects). That's about $900 million a year. A big amount or is it. This is taxes, benefits and all connected with the employment of the people.

Columbus, in their 2012 consumer confidence report (under the power and water reports section) claimed they provide 51 billion gallons of water to 1.1 million people per year. Of course this is all measured in cubic feet x 100 (100 cubic feet) when billing (noted by ccf). 1 ccf of water is equal to 748 gallons of water according to their site. So if we divide the 51 billion gallons by 748, we should get the ccf being billed. What we now have is 68,181,818 ccf or we could shorten that to about 68.1 million ccf. Now, to reach that $900 million/ year, it would take a rate increase of $13.50 per ccf which brings in $920,454,543 extra.

According to Columbus' website, the high side of the charges currently is $1.56 per ccf for water (this is without sewage fees added). The example they give for a non-industiral user shows about 16 ccf per month. This is an increase in a bill for this amount of usage of $216.00 per month or $2,592 per year over what they pay now.

Someone please check my math for errors as it's been a while. I went into this thinking it would only be a couple cents per unit increase and was surprised at how much extra it actually would be.

Comment Re:So what if they protest? (Score 0) 86

Sigh, First, stop trying to defend obama and assuming crap was said when nothing of the kind was. The IRS suppressed the speech of political groups and disseminated private information about them to other groups apposed to their views. That in and of itself is cause to worry anyone whether an official from the oval office is involved or not (imagine if they did that to everyone wanting gay marriage to be allowed or whoever spoke against government sponsored religious activities or whatever) Imagine if the IRS was attacking liberal organizations like that.

Second, both sides of the political spectrum were not singled out the same. Once the more liberal groups made their political bent known, their approvals were expedited- 99% of all liberal applicants were approved. Only 30% of applications with the words 'progress' or 'progressive' in their names were held up where 100% of the applications with Tea Party, Patriots, or 9/12 in their names where singled out.

Finally, this isn't about wanting taxes or not. Besides, the IRS is NOT A POLITICAL organization and should not in any way be singling anyone out because of political ideology or political speech. But the IRS was singling out organizations because they wanted to teach about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, advocated the repeal of the affordable care act, talk about election fraud and prevention and so on. All of these are protected by the first amendment and when they allow groups with their bend on ideology to have the tax exempt status and not those they appose, then there is a serious problem that twits like you should be worried about. Imagine what happens when someone opposite your screwed up ideology gets power and the IRS starts coming after you.

A new story about the NSA giving $150 million to the Brits to help spy for them and they're bitching about $2 mil to a US state to house their datacenter?

I don't really care. The $150 million is buying something other then the $2 million would have. Access to information and processing information is not the same things. Besides, the 2 mil could have been save by simply locating somewhere else. Utah found that the benefits of the data center was more then the alternative of a tax and no data center to pay it out.

Comment Re:Actually... (Score 5, Interesting) 214

Well which is it? Not too sophisticated, but the busted into his lame decoys easily enough.

Forcing a door open is not the same as sophisticated lock picking. But nonetheless, the point about sophistication seems to be what they did once they got access. Most did menial tasks while 4 meddled with a specific communication protocol.

He claims to have triangulated where the attacker was based on their wifi card. REALLY? How is that done? He knows where every wifi router in the world is does he? Triangulate!!! All Wifi cards use three routers? Who knew! Each of which has its position known?

I'm not sure your reading comprehension is up to speed here. The web interface that was hacked embedded an exploit framework called BeEF so the researcher could gain access to the attackers system through the browser. What he likely did was query the networks detected by the wifi cards then crossed them to data from sites like WiGLE or perhaps something even more specific.

This is more then enough to get a Geographical location of a person and narrow it down to not only country, but city and even neighborhoods within the city.

Oh, and the triangulation isn't on where the wifi car itself accesses a router, but with the names of the specific networks the wifi cards can see. If you see several distinctly different named networks, the odds of them being in more then one location is low so you know it has to be a location close enough to all of them to be seen at the same time. For instance, if I see the SSIDs duck_butter, shoreline, bbangsoon, and linksys, I can find that I am near the Chicago Water Commissioner's office at Pfc Milton Olive park, near the Chicago harbor. Go ahead and look it up.

Somewhere there are some people chuckling at this guy.

I think that happens to all of us every once in a while. I was laughing pretty good earlier at someone too.

Comment Re:Not the best place (Score 1) 233

I didn't bother reading any of the articles shown in the link to the google search you did, but I don't think I need to. The titles of them all seem to say likely or predicts or could it happen not that it is happening. I suspect you didn't read any of them either and glossed over those points.

Taking the what if scenarios as proof that the storms _are_ getting stronger or more frequent is like believing someone is correct and factual who says what if their magic rock in their pocket prevents them from being attacked by a tiger when they take the subway down town and positing the belief that there _are_ magic rocks that _will_ protect you from the tigers on the subway.

In case I butchered that, the point is that are getting stronger means there is proof it is happening where could be or likely to be or predicted to be is simple asking the question without an answer or predicting it might be without the proof yet of it happening yet.

Comment Re:So what if they protest? (Score 1) 86

ha ha.. that's a good one. But if you actually believe that, it shows your ignorance. Obama being big or black or scary has nothing to do with them- or more precisely their citizens wanting to secede. It's the legislation and policy that seems to be the problem and that is separate from a government listening post unless it's like the IRS and used against them for political purposes.

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