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Comment Re:Ahh, Pentium. (Score 2) 197

Let's see... if we stay just with Intel: 8086 4.7Mhz, 80286 (forgot the speed), 80386SX 20, 80386 33, 80486 DX2/66, Pentium 133, 233, Celery 350 (2, one overclocked to 400), P3 500ish, and a slew of Core X and iX chips, and my Xeon-fueled Mac Pros.

If we open it up to other CPUs, well, how much time have you got?


Submission + - Possible Cyber Attack Against South Korean Banks and TV Stations (

B3ryllium writes: "At least four broadcasters and two banks in South Korea are reporting massive computer accessibility issues, saying that their networks are 'paralyzed' by what looks like a cyber attack. Additional reports from Twitter suggest that hundreds of computers in the country powered off simultaneously at 2:20am, and reported "Boot device not found" errors. South Korea's military has upgraded its "Information Operation Condition (INFOCOM)" level from Level 4 to Level 3 in response to this situation."

Comment Oh, come on ... heh. (Score 1) 90

Many of the available PCI-type scanning tools seem to recommend it, so this is wonderful. Certainly sounds riskier than the recent BEAST vulnerability.

I'm sure this will lead to a few new entries on my cyber attack severity ranking project, as people find ways to apply this attack vector. :(

Anyone know what Cipher Suite configuration is the "safest" now? :)

Comment Re:Beautiful code but (Score 1) 399

It was the "every fourth door ambush" crap that got to me. It was like you could sense when you were going to get jumped from behind when you went through some doors. I started walking into rooms backwards and taking out the ambushes every third or fourth door. I got as far as the Delta Lab before just losing interest.

And let's not even talk about the utter shitpile that is Rage.

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