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Comment Re:Beautiful code but (Score 1) 399

It was the "every fourth door ambush" crap that got to me. It was like you could sense when you were going to get jumped from behind when you went through some doors. I started walking into rooms backwards and taking out the ambushes every third or fourth door. I got as far as the Delta Lab before just losing interest.

And let's not even talk about the utter shitpile that is Rage.

Comment Re:Janeway (Score 1) 618

Janeway was a psychopath and a genocidal murderer with no respect for the rights and borders of other sovereign nations. She was a perfect reflection of the Bush years.

Comment Depends on the book. (Score 1) 171

It really depends on the book. Reference books get written in like crazy. The margins tend to get filled with copious notes. Art and literature get treated with more respect, especially art books. My old and rare books get looked after quite well.

Comment Model M (Score 1) 341

I have used IBM Model M's (and the new USB equivalent) and those bad boys usually last ten years or more. My oldest was Fifteen years old when I retired it due to not having any PS2 machines any more.

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