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Comment Re:Available on Any microSD slot? (Score 1) 77

This hack was tweaked until the MMC/SD controller in the SoC was happy with it. Other controllers may differ. In any case will you need the ability to switch CMD and CLK to GPIOs (without disabling the entire MMC controller) and to bit-bang them at a reasonable speed (at least a few MHz).

So it's quite platform-dependent in its current shape, but you can probably apply the same principles with other SoCs as well.


Submission + - Consumer device with open CPU out of beta soon (

lekernel writes: "After years of passionate and engaging development, the video synthesizer from the Milkymist project is expected to go out of beta in August.
Dubbed "Milkymist One", it features as central component a system-on-chip made exclusively of IP cores licensed under the open source principles, and is aimed at use by a general audience of video performance artists, clubs and musicians. It is one of the first consumer electronics products putting forward open source semiconductor IP, open PCB design and open source software at the same time.
The full source code is available for download from Github, and a few hardware kits are available from specialized electronics distributors."

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