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OEMs Looking to Ubuntu for Netbook Market 224

Anon writes "Mark Shuttleworth provides much more detail today about development of the Ubuntu netbook platform, and says OEMs are calling Canonical when they want to start building netbooks. Channelweb notes: 'It's actually a big deal. For example, Dell CEO Michael Dell has been carrying around an early version of a Dell mini-notebook, and referring to it as the device for the next billion Internet users [...] Asus has become an industry rock star by using GNU Linux to power its Eee PC. HP's niche Mini note runs SLED 10 Linux. The iPhone, of course, doesn't run Microsoft software. Is anyone paying attention in Redmond?'"

Submission + - Wikipedia will be licensed under Creative Commons ( 3

lkratz writes: "Sylvain (Jamendo's CTO) just got back from a Wikipedia/iCommons party in San Francisco where he taped a very exciting announcement from Jimmy Wales : Creative Commons, Wikimedia and the Free Software Foundation just agreed to make the current Wikipedia license (the GFDL) compatible with Creative Commons (CC BY-SA). As Jimbo puts it, "This is the party to celebrate the liberation of Wikipedia"."
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Submission + - Don't Tase Me Bro T-Shirt (

Vintage Cotton writes: "Don't Tase Me Bro T-Shirt from
Laser tag was a fun game in the 80's, but taser tag is the new craze adopted by Florida State students. All you need is 6 security guards and a boisterous student body member with a comedic agenda. What do you get a whole lotta fun and stellar quote... "Don't tase Me bro!". Vintage Cotton has the t-shirt — made by the bros for the bros."


Submission + - Why bicycles are so stable? 1

Roland Piquepaille writes: "For almost 150 years now, mathematicians have tried to understand why a bicycle could be so stable. Now, researchers of the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), working with colleagues from Cornell University and the University of Nottingham, UK, say they've build a model which unravels how a bicycle works. As said a bicycle maker, when designing a bike, only three parameters are used: the general geometry, the distance between the axles, and the angle at which the fork points downwards. The new mathematical model includes 25 parameters and will permit to build bicycles aimed directly at special target groups. Already, a Dutch bicycle manufacturing company is hoping to design better bikes using this model. But read more for additional details and a picture of the bicycle used to calibrate the model."

Submission + - Usability test: Does iPhone match the hype? (

Manu writes: We all know that in the technology world, the hype about new products often doesn't match reality. So it's fair to ask: Is the iPhone as good as its hype? In particular, does iPhone's much-discussed touch-screen interface really make using the device simpler and more intuitive?

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