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Comment Re:query "why windows sucks" (Score 1) 582

I really don't think it's demoting anti-MS pages.
  • Is Windows getting more expensive? - CNET News
  • Windows 5x More Expensive than Mac OS X
  • Windows Vista: One Expensive Operating System!
  • Expensive Computer Dead Slow
  • Windows, Skylights & Doors | Sierra Club Green Home
  • Why is Windows so expensive?
  • Windows 5x More Expensive than Mac OS X
  • Windows 7 pricing thoughts - Is Windows too expensive? | TalkBack on ...
  • RoughlyDrafted: Five Windows Flaws - 5
  • Comparison of Windows and Linux - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia "In practice, the availability of Windows source code is generally heavily restricted or extremely expensive, if available at all. However, even where source is available ..."

Comment Re:query "why windows sucks" (Score 3, Interesting) 582

And "is windows expensive" returns just plain anti-Windows results. "why is windows expensive" (eliminating the 'so') returns more neutral responses. This is just a difference in the search algorithms. I wonder how many phrases were tried before the authors obtained suitably pro-MS results for their troll.

Comment Re:Details (Score 1) 377

I was only pointing out that copy protection mechanisms are not immediately defeated, contrary to popular belief. I wouldn't buy anything with StarForce or SecuROM, either. You'll need to ask the companies that decide to implement such technologies about the cost/benefit analysis.

Comment Re:Details (Score 1) 377

If I had mod points I'd mod you up. I don't know why everyone around here is under the impression that all copy protection is broken virtually before release. It took over a year to crack starforce. Besides, most publishers are just looking to buy themselves a few days so that the people desperate to get it will go ahead and buy it when they can't find a torrent.
The Internet

Submission + - Book: End of Dayz

An anonymous reader writes: End Of Dayz is an eclectic collection of underground text files compiled from Soljo Publishing's full 1992 to 2006 run — a snapshot of creativity and opinion from the digital jilted generation, right from the ASCII edge and onto your bookshelf. Hacking, politics, science, fiction and humour from the group that brought you The Soljo, The Discordant Opposition Journal, SPACT and the RWM Collective. A must read for any self respecting old school geek, or indeed any geek interested in the history and traditions of underground geekdom. Internet counter culture at it's best. Available from or read Cult Of The Dead Cows review of the book here

Submission + - Vaccine for flu to be tested on humans

Adam9 writes: British scientists are on the verge of producing a revolutionary flu vaccine that works against all major types of the disease. Described as the 'holy grail' of flu vaccines, it would protect against all strains of influenza A — the virus behind both bird flu and the nastiest outbreaks of winter flu. Just a couple of injections could give long-lasting immunity — unlike the current vaccine which has to be given every year.

Firefox Creator No Longer Trusts Google 528

watashi writes "Blake Ross the man whose scratched itch became the Firefox browser explains on his blog why he has a problem with Google's policy of promoting their own products over competitors' in search results. His main gripe is that the tips (e.g. "Want to share pictures? Try Google Picasa") result in an inability for other products (perhaps even Parakey?) to compete for the top slot on Google."

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