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Bryan with a y is gay and would get along perfectly with bmo because of your obsession with balls.

Bryan with a Y is my mother's maiden name and a perfectly valid spelling of the Irish name. It's the same name as Brian, Brien, or any other spelling and is named after the first high king of Ireland. Furthermore, I'm gonna say Anonymous Coward is gay because AC is short for, oh, say, Anally Content.

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An anonymous reader writes: I've been involved in a group of programmers working together with some new coding technology in "hack-a-thon" sessions. Everyone in the group contributed code and ideas to the project. I was not paid in anyway for my work or services, nor do I believe was anyone else. Now it appears that a venture capital group as taken an interest in the project and is offering to buy it. As I have no agreement signed with the guy the VC is talking to, it seems like I've been cut out of the loop. Do I have any recourse here? I want the project to succeed, but don't want to work hard to make someone else rich.

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