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Comment Kerberos 5 is the solution (Score 1) 212

Stop authenticating users via keys directly to a server. Use Kerberos v5. This centralizes the authentication to one or a set of servers. You then don't need to clean up key mess everywhere. Once you're running Kerberos you can choose the method of authentication to the central server. You can use password, public key (but only one in this case), OPIE (One-time Passwords In Everything), Google authenticator, RSA securid, biometrics, SRP (Secure Remote Password), or any combination of these to make things 2, 3, 4 or X factor authentication. The sky is the limit, and there's no crazy mess to have to follow up with.

When you need to have things automated, and you must use key authentication, then make sure that the area the key authenticates to is well sandboxed with something like a FreeBSD jail with access to nothing but the resources needed for the remote function to be performed.

This is all using standard practices that are over a decade old (and clearly spelled out in the FreeBSD Handbook among many other places).

Comment Re:Only ranks major ISPs (Score 1) 186

Um, no. You are misreading the units of measurement. Lowercase "b" is bit. Uppercase "B" is byte. The unit in the article is byte, and there being 8 bits in one byte. To convert the speed in the article to the units that you are taking about, you would want to multiply by 8. Therefore, Google Fiber averages 20.4 Mb/s in the units that you are referring to. That's a pretty good average for service in the US.

Comment Re:Retaliation (Score 3, Interesting) 182

10 times out of 10, if you hack into the system where the attack is coming from, you will be hacking into a system owned by an innocent third party that was also hacked. You are then violating that party a second time. Lets take a more concerning scenario: You discover an attack that is originating from a competitor. You hack back into their system. This situation can only end badly. First, if they were responsible you have now spoiled evidence. Second, if they are not responsible and were also hacked as a jumping off point, you now have hacked into a competitor's system and compromised them. You should now have to pay damages because they have not way to tell that you didn't steal their corporate secrets while you were there in their system.

Comment That's fantastic (Score 1) 205

Now every script kiddie out there will be able to steal your bitcoins in addition to turning your website into a phishing page.

Do you have any idea how many phishing and malware links have wp-admin, wp-content, or wp-includes in the URL?

Take a look for yourself at!

Comment Re:It wasn't even close (Score 1) 578

I'm glad you live in a generally enlightened place where Obama's winning was treated with the same type of celebration that a soccer team winning would be. Unfortunately, here in the south Republicans showed their true face and their true feelings in places like Ole Miss and elsewhere when the election results were out. Racism and bigotry have finally destroyed the Republican party.

Comment Yup keep shifting the blame. (Score 1) 578

Off the fact that the Republican platform was bigoted, anti-women, anti-gay, anti-latino, anti-african american, anti-environmental, anti-science, mixed with a large does of religious crazy.

I've got news for you. Your IT department wasn't why you lost the young vote. Your get out the vote failing wasn't what scared away the Latino vote. And believe me, canvasing poorly wasn't what kept African Americans from voting for you.

The angry white man thing won't work anymore because us "those people" now outnumber you, permanently (thank goodness!).

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