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Comment why the hell not? (Score 1) 287

Are politics worth complaining about? Is THE WEATHER worth complaining about? Is complaining worthwhile? No. It isn't. But move past that. People will complain. People LOOOOOOOVE to complain. Why should games be any different than anything else. People derive enjoyment from them, so let them have their say. Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one, and believes that everyone else's stinks.

Submission + - T-Mobile may offer signal boosters to fleeing subs (

zacharye writes: T-Mobile intends to offer cellular signal boosters to customers looking to switch carriers due to poor reception at home, according to T-Mobile watcher TmoNews. The move appears to be part of a new program intended to slow service quality-related cancellations, which are apparently a significant problem for the nation’s No. 4 carrier. Beginning on September 7th, T-Mobile will seemingly begin offering in-home signal boosters “when a customer triggers for cancellation of service due to poor in-home coverage,” according to a purported leaked internal memo to T-Mobile staff...
XBox (Games)

Submission + - Reset Glitch Hack enables Xbox 360 to run Linux (

UgLyPuNk writes: It’s always fun to make things into something they’re not. We’re guessing that’s why this bunch of French Xbox 360 modders have taken Microsoft‘s gaming console and hacked the motherboard to run a version of Linux (which in turn is used to run an N64 emulator and a copy of F-Zero X).

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