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Comment test motivations (Score 1) 151

and now a versioning system would mean going through proper deployment/rollback in order to get real feedback.

not true. using a versioning system does not necessitate testing. just to be clear, testing is always necessary, and not enforced by any versioning system. you can use svn or git or cvs to keep versions of your files so when you do your testing on the production environment (shame on you) you won't have a stack of the same files with extensions like .bak, .bak.bak, .old, .delete, .undo, etc. sitting on your server.

test because it's the right thing, the proper thing, to do. not because you think some tech you choose to use is forcing you. you should be forcing you.

Comment Re:Probably (Score 1) 761

i think the root of the problem is forgiveness. let's take that mass murderer in norway. anyone feel like he deserves forgiveness? do a majority? is there hope for reform? do we believe in the salvation of his soul and attribute value to that in our corporeal society, or his he ultimately dead weight? it doesn't really do any good (objectively) to have the death penalty, we've studied that and learned from it. but we feel like they deserve it, right? a guy rapes and kills a dozen kids, you don't let that guy live, right? who forgives? that's why we have the death penalty. there are some things most of us can't forgive. the death penalty is legalized vengeance.

Comment Re:Silly (Score 1) 388

what? come on. kids drink lots of soda, kids get fat, it's obviously the bpa lining the can. after all, we never did obesity studies during the time before we added bpa to the can, sooo ... wait a second ... i know what makes kids fat! it's the obesity studies! like quantum mechanics, just stop observing the kids get fat and they'll stop being fat. i'm going to start ignoring the obese for a healthier world in which we all can live (in a van, down by the river).

Comment if i were the author (Score 1) 278

i would help my naive little coworker out. first, there'd be none of this "but..but.. you're his girlfriend..." she'd get exactly what she asked for (and a lot more) and i'd get pictures (video if she lets me, and she probably will). then i'd show poor jerry and say "your girlfriend's a slut, so i did you a favor. now you can get the upper hand and dump her." and if he's a friend worth keeping, he'll get over it.

friends don't let friends get strung along for weeks or months by sluts. the author never learned this, but the manager, chuck, did.

oh, and pics or it didn't happen. it's sad when a code geek turns to harlequin fantasies to prop up his need to feel wanted.

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