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Comment Re:Rockstars aren't all they're cracked up to be (Score 1) 487

to add to that, less experienced developers may not even realize the rockstar's code is easily maintainable because it requires doing things differently than they have experience with. veteran coders will more likely abstract things as much as possible for easy reuse, but this abstraction can be confusing to a coder who expects the code to be explicit about what it does all the time.

Comment Re:You Game Like You Eat (Score 1) 220

dude! it's like, the same with smoking weed! i've found that smoking weed cures everything! like for example, when i have a headache... take some aspirin, smoke some weed, headache gone! upset stomach? take some pepto, smoke some weed, stomach feels great! bad back? pop some doan's, smoke some weed, all better. it's a miracle cure!

Comment Re:You've omitted my favorite method! (Score 2) 584

Keurigs make subpar coffee

any coffee that you didn't grow, pick, and grind yourself just before you make it is "subpar." if you mean that it's processed grounds, there are adapter cups for you to put in your own grinds, and some models come with a grinder built in. the quality of the bean is up to you.

the coffee things are expensive

i'm paying for the convenience and i realize it. french presses are messy in comparison, and i still have to buy beans and grind them. i don't care to spend the time when i'm getting ready for work. similarly, i know how to change my own brakes but i'm willing to pay for the convenience of having someone else do it while i do what i want to do in the meantime. the saying "life's too short for java" doesn't just apply to php code.

it produces tons of waste

k-cups and the cardboard box they come in are recyclable. the used grinds are excellent for compost. i only use enough water and electricity to make the one cup that i want to drink. it takes less water to clean the device. i don't see your point there.

just as fast

false. first, you have to grind your own beans. granted, if you're doing that with the keurig then it doesn't matter, but keurig offers an alternative to spending that time. then, because the grinds have to be bigger for a french press, the brew takes a little longer. i can get a cup of coffee that suits me just fine in exactly 30 seconds from a keurig. 35 seconds if you clock the time i take to put the k-cup in and take it out.

Comment Re:First post! (Score 2) 323

while we're being misogynistic, here's a few more:

ignorance is bliss (assuming women in general are dumb)
when you ask a woman what's wrong, she says "nothing" and it really is equal to about nothing, but she's still upset anyway (assuming surveys are wrong, women aren't actually happier)
women aren't happy unless they're complaining (that one is just true =P )

don't bother getting mad at me, i'm gonna pay for this later. strictly for the lulz

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