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Comment Re:I would sell myself for $4.7 billion. (Score 4, Informative) 149

Looking at the balance sheet, there's about $2.8BN in cash, $900MM in inventory (figure that's basically zero now), and payables exceed receivables by about $1BN, so you're looking at a liquidation value of around $2BN. There's $2.2BN in property/plant/equipment, but it's highly unlikely you could actually get $2.2BN for that.

Comment Re:Local government wants its cut (Score 1) 177

Many municipalities have a franchise arrangement that gives the local cable company a monopoly so long as the cable company pays a franchise fee.

While you're right about the franchise fees, it's important to note that virtually no areas of the country (outside of private housing developments) have monopoly franchises, as they're generally banned. In 99% of the US, if you want to start your own cable company, can show that you have the financial wherewithal to see it through (don't want people to just start tearing up the streets willy-nilly, and are willing to pay the standard franchise fee, you're on your way. Your way to bankruptcy, that is. Cable operators aren't legal monopolies, they're _natural_ monopolies - it's a great business if you can get 50% penetration in an area. If you get 20% penetration, it's a terrible business, and you never make back your cost of capital. Even an operator like Verizon, who already has a huge presence, strong brand, customer service in place, yadda yadda, will probably never earn a return on FiOS.

Comment Re:African parent vs autism (Score 2, Informative) 209

I was in South Africa in 2011 and saw lots of billboards all over the country with the Health Ministers image on it and the quote "avoid AIDS, get circumcised".

This is good health policy. "There is compelling evidence that male circumcision reduces the risk of heterosexually acquired HIV infection in men by approximately 60%." - WHO (

She also held the policy of rejecting antivirals and instead promoted her own diet of garlic and beet root.

This is garbage health policy.

Comment Re:Is everything currency, then? (Score 1) 425

"A very good example: the 16th Amendment, which has been used to justify Federal income tax, was never legally ratified. Before anybody argues: I am aware that it was declared to have been ratified, but by the end of the time limit it was still one state short of the minimum required. " This is just playing a semantic game. It was declared ratified by the Secretary of State. The declaration has been confirmed on multiple occasions by the courts. That's what DEFINES ratified.

Comment Re:The Doctor (Score 1) 218

It's almost like we needed a scapegoat for the change to be accepted, like how the George Lazenby James Bond movie is less well received even though one could argue that it's a much more coherent story than many of the other movies...

Most reviewers regard "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" as one of the better Bond movies, if not the best.

Comment Re:Yeah but it makes a good story (Score 2) 213

Saying that it's "not true" is wildly overstating the case. The results of the investigation were that, bottom line, the KLM captain took off without clearance. Several things contributed to that, including simultaneous radio transmissions (which meant that neither could be heard). Excessive cockpit deference may have been a contributor as well. It's not clear that it was, but there was enough evidence that it was to drive the industry to roll out Crew Resource Management over time.

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