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Comment Re:X1 Carbon (Score 1) 271

I am liking my x1. I have used a 600s, t20, t40, t61 and now the x1 carbon. But I hate what they did with the Home/End/PgUp/PgDn buttons. They had room, why did they have to mess up the standard thinkpad keyboard layout. My fingers have taking weeks to adjust. Also something is funky with the touchpad. I almost never use it because I love the trackpoint, but when I do it is just not as responsive as it should be.

Comment This only considers 1/2 the costs involved (Score 1) 473

Yes physical DVDs are much more expensive than bits to get to my house. That isn't really surprising is it? Now consider the licensing fees. Netflix can buy a DVD from Walmart for $16 and send it to 100s of people at year. They don't need to give the movie industry any more money than their share of that $16. Yes Neflix has to buy 10,000 copies, but still we are only talking $160,000 of money up front to distribute the movie. Now what to take a guess how much Netflix pays to license a movie for streaming? Guess what, it is more than $160,000. A lot more. Like 100 TIMES more. The postage is still cheaper.

Apple Blindsides More AppStore Developers 716

For a while now Apple has said it doesn't want "widget-like" apps in the store; but where is the boundary of that fuzzy statement? The developers of My Frame, of which three versions had already been approved for the iPhone/iPad, found out that they had already crossed it when Apple informed them their app would be pulled. My Frame had options to overlay data on whatever photo was displaying: a Twitter stream, weather, etc. When one of the developers wrote to Steve Jobs on a whim to ask what unwritten rule their app had violated, Jobs wrote back: "We are not allowing apps that create their own desktops. Sorry." "I see now why people are so angry at the 'murky' nature of the App Store, and I'm starting to agree with them. My Frame was approved by Apple 3 times (once for each version we released), and ... now, at version 1.2 they decide it's to be removed? How can a company be prepared to invest into a platform that can change at any time, cutting you off and kicking you out, with no course of action but to whine on some no-name blog[?] There is no alternative platform, despite what others may say about Android, it's immature and their app store(s) are a wild west nightmare. It really is Apple's way or the highway...." A few blogs have picked up the story.

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