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Comment Re:Had this issue yesterday (Score 1) 245

Oh man. See, this is what I was referring to in my post below. I don't envy you. That was the scale of users I dealth with in my last job - about 5K give or take, and it gave me the night terrors imagining this scenario. Especially since most of them were remote. Even if you have another system in place, like some ESD delivery system (whether it's microsoft, or whatever) you still have a lot of work cut out for you prepping a patch to send out to that many users and then trying to get compliance from them.

Comment Don't hate me for laughing (Score 1) 245

Am I a bad person for laughing at this? Probably.

On a more serious note: this is the worst nightmare for anyone who has to manage a mobile/remote workforce (or in this case, a large remote customer-base). The idea that some code could break the ability to for a system that depends on communication to communicate is why there is such a thing as a development environment in many corporations where MS updates, AV updates, etc. are tested NOT on the production network. Of course, many corporations have had to cut back, and due to budgetary restrictions many companyies have effectively outsourced their testing to the vendors releasing the updates, depending on the vendor to test and not release some ridiculous update that (for instance) pushes out a firewall rule that stops the system from communicating, or as in this case, an update that nukes the AV software itself, and the ability for the AV software to repair itself by auto-updating. I do NOT envy any IT managers who are at a corporation using Sophos who let their users auto-update and don't do as I previously mentioned (i.e. test the updates/definitions). Ouch.

And now back to laughing.

Comment Re:I think the OP mentioned self-employment (Score 1) 292

I was going to make this kind of comment too: I have worked at two big companies (~100K employees worldwide) over the past 20 years and both have systems in place to handle a variety of different types of workers. I have not met any who specifically have had your issues but that's more a function of polite conversation not including that kind of information than it is that such workers don't exist. I encourage you to look at large employers in the healthcare or related industries. I think they will be more likely to accommodate your specific needs. I bet there is a niche out there for you.

Comment Logical Fallacy (Score 1) 23

I can't say I thought I'd actually learn something from clicking here to your journal, but I did. Honestly, I expected some more arguments but perhaps they'd be more interesting than the usual, as it seemed this was about an interesting topic. Instead, you've posted that excellent website which is now on my favorites. TYVM, and have a good day.

Comment Re:verizon (Score 1) 195

Verizon stopped expanding their FiOS network more than 2 years ago. It reaches only 12 million households (less than 10%). Verizon also just recently announced it will stop selling standalone DSL packages and will raise the price of FiOS. That's hardly competition.

Yeah. This kills me. I'm less than 10 miles away as the crow flies from Verizon FIOS (Millbury, MA has it) but they stopped, and didn't come any further and I can only hope someday for something better.

Comment Does it really leave evidence of stealing IAP ? (Score 2) 142

So apparently you could do this already if your iDevice was jailbroken? I wonder if that method leaves any kind of evidence or not. Does this method (i.e. using this russian workaround with certificates and whatnot) leave a trail or any kind? I mean, why would people do this if it did leave a trail? I've got to imagine it doesn't leave very much evidence. Or are people really just that greedy?

Comment excellent! (Score 1) 135

I think that Seth McFarlane is fascinating person. I'm still surprised when I listen to his album of standards that he'd even stop to take the time to do something like that. I think this is really excellent that he did this. I look forward to the new Cosmos project he's working on.

Comment Re:Movies (Score 1) 277

I am with the other poster: I don't think catharsis was what that was all about at all. It was more about scaring the SHIT out of people (and kids like me.) I was in junior high at that time and the threat of nuclear war with the USSR felt very real to me. Maybe not to all kids, but definitely to me. The Day After was really scary IMO. It didn't make me think "war is a bad thing" it made me think "we're all going to die!!"

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