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Comment Re:unfiltered my ass (Score 1) 81

I wish I had internet access that didn't have inbound port blocking, no caps and 1gigabit speed all for $70 a month. Instead I have internet access where I'm not even allowed to vpn in to work, tons of port blocking inbound and outbound, 300gb a month cap and only 50mbit speed down with 10mbit speed up, all for $70 a month. Mind you my isps restrictions on servers isn't just TOS but actual port blocking, port 25 outbound is blocked, port 53 inbound is filtered, port 80 inbound is filtered plus god knows what else.

Comment Re:Good aim, misses the target (Score 1) 230

Ah you're right and it looks like the providers have decided on charges like $35, must be some hella cheap smartphones. Further they must specify that fee in the contract beforehand so its not like they're going to be able to promise you $35 then jack up the fee later, they have to tell you how much it will be then stick to it.

Comment Re:Good aim, misses the target (Score 1) 230

When calculating the early cancellation fee,
the value of the device subsidy is the retail price of the device minus the amount that the customer paid for the device when the contract was agreed to; and
the retail price of the device is the lesser of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price or the price set for the device when it is purchased from the service provider without a contract.

If the carrier sets the price higher than apples then apples price takes effect, its whoever is lowest.

Comment Re:Good aim, misses the target (Score 1) 230

Bell, Telus and Rogers announced a new unlock policy. You now have the option to unlock your smartphone, provided you pay the price of the phone.

I don't believe the code allows for them to charge for unlocks so nope unlock in 3 months voila.

Bell, Telus and Rogers announced that you can now get the iPhone 5S and the Galaxy S5 for $300 on two years, or $10000 outright. That's a subsidy of $9700.
You have the option to cancel anytime, provided that you refund Bell, Telus or Rogers that $9700 subsidy they were so kind to give you in the first place.

I'm pretty sure its apple that sets the unsubsidized price, you know since they're the ones that make the phone and set the actual price they sll it at.

Bell, Telus and Rogers announced new roaming rates of $100/bit. Use 1 bit of data and reach the cap. Service is disabled once you reach the cap.
Bonus: 50% discount on national roaming.

That kind of directly goes against the mandate so seems they'd get in trouble for that.

Comment Re:10 Gbps copper (Score 2) 347

Don't you mean 330 ft runs?

10GBASE-T, or IEEE 802.3an-2006, is a standard released in 2006 to provide 10 Gbit/s connections over unshielded or shielded twisted pair cables, over distances up to 100 metres (330 ft).[25] Category 6a is required to reach the full distance of 100 metres (330 ft) and category 6 will reach a distance of 55 metres (180 ft).

ok ok so for legacy installations you might only reach 180ft.

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