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Comment Re:Cells in ADSL modems (Score 1) 179

Your assumption is it wont used signed firmware, or that the station device wont detect your interference as a poor quality channel and switch to another access point to route around it. The microcells I've used use a vpn tunnel back to the network, if the firmware is signed and the key to vpn back is within a smartcard type device and thus unextractable, how are you going to do a MITM attack when every device will immediately disregard your own connection? not to mention the fines the FCC would rain down on you for doing that (for a picocell to work it would have to be using the normal licensed spectrum and not the wifi band)

Comment Re:Buy Android Nexus (Score 1) 318

If they were going to be releasing 4.2 for the GS2 then we probably would have seen it come out two months ago when 4.1 came out for the s2. And 4.1 is old 4.2 is the current one, google announced the Nexus S would not be getting 4.2, thus the nexus series of phones only gets two updates, just like any other series of phones google or otherwise.

Comment Re:Buy Android Nexus (Score 2) 318

Nexus branded phones aren't much better. The galaxy S2 got an update to ICS (4.0) then an update to Jellybean (4.1) before updates were discontinued. That's two major updates for the S2. The Nexus S got an update to ICS (4.0) then an update to Jellybean (4.1) and google announced no 4.2 would be coming for the nexus S... That's just two major updates the the Nexus S, no better than the S2. The Nexus one was the same, update to Froyo (2.2) and gingerbread (2.3), then announced no more updates. The sad thing is the nexus series of phones really dont get more updates than anyone else, they just get to release the software update for their own devices first.

Comment Re:Dumb thing to focus on. (Score 1) 211

Well, while I don't think the BPD is smart enough for even a second to determine if the devices they found were in fact bombs. The reports of doctors pulling ball bearings out of people in the hospitals certainly makes it sound like that was in fact a bomb, unless you're alleging a conspiracy so deep that even the doctors are in on it, in which case how do you know you yourself aren't in on it?

Comment Re:Yeah Right (Score 1) 542

Secondly, the rate of violent crime in the US is down by more than half over the same time period

Oh there is something to be said for Australia's gun control. While the US's gun and violent crime rate has gone down, only Australia's gun crime rate has gone down over that same period of time. Their violent crime rate has gone up while the trend in the rest of the world is to go down.

Comment Re:Time to shift focus? (Score 1) 582

I never understood why the ATF defined a "gun" in terms of its lower receiver. I assumed that it was because such a thing was difficult to make outside of a big gun factory, which would provide a decent point of control for ensuring that firearms would be sold only to people for legal purposes. (Yeah, that didn't work either, but that's a different question.)

Because it's not a wear part and it's easy to serial number. It's the restricted part. People need to re barrel guns all the time, barrels get shot out, people need to replace their bolts, people want to replace the stocks to customize it, the part that stays the same through all of this tends to be that receiver (or frame in pistols). The idea is to give you the freedom to maintain, repair and customize your gun. In the case of ar-15s its also the part that determines whether its a machine gun or not, go around with a lower receiver with the third fire control group hole for the auto seer drilled out and you have a machine gun whether you have a semi or full auto fire control group in the gun.

But guns don't kill people: fast-moving bullets kill people. You're not going to regulate chunks of lead, but it seems not unreasonable to regulate the bits that explode, e.g. gunpowder and the bullets that contain it. I find it rather odd that I can walk into any gun store and buy explosives, in bulk, with few if any questions asked.

Ok well you just said something about not being able to regulate chunks of lead then follow up by suggesting they regulate bullets... those same chunks of lead. as for the gunpowder, do you have any idea how easy it is to make black powder or even gun cotton? The difference between modern smokeless powder and something like gun cotton is all about how controlled the burn is, if everyone was making their own gun cotton and burning that instead of modern smokeless powder you'd see a lot more explosions instead resulting in injured operators instead of the nice controlled burns... interestingly enough in normal use they undergo deflagration instead of detonation (ie they aren't acting as explosives rather they simply burn)

Comment Re:Reminds me of a quote from Chris Rock: (Score 3, Insightful) 582

A single bullet can easily cost you the chair, or life in prison, or millions of dollars. Gun control is keeping your finger off the trigger until you are on target and are sure of your target and what is beyond it. Killing innocent bystanders already costs far more than five thousand dollars. Taking your advice on self defense and safety from a comedian is.... well comedic.

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