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Comment Less radiation, more calcium. (Score -1, Troll) 324

Hurray! The less people who want nuclear power, the better! People are learning on their own about the dangers without listening to the lies from the Power Industry's astroturfers.

What I would love to see is a way to make power from calcium. The world has huge amounts of calcium (limestone, etc.) Early rock samples of the planet have little calcium. As life evolved and creatures died, their skeletons slowly and continuously added to the amount of calcium. Much compressed into calcium carbonate, limestone, etc.

There has to be a way to reverse this trend or one day in the distant future Earth will be a calcified, lifeless sphere. Using calcium as a power source is a win-win solution: we help slow the process of planetary calcification and create power without radiation.

The current strategy of making power from radiation is sheer folly. Aside from the accidents and deaths that get covered up, There have been many reports of Chiropractic offices near nuclear plants as having more patients with more severe subluxations that the general population. The radiation that leaks out in the toxic steam cloud causes severe subluxation in the general population.

Comment Good, but not for the reasons I had hoped for. (Score -1, Flamebait) 323

Upon reading the headline, I was hoping it was because people were getting off their couches and becoming more active. Alas, that is not the case; Netflix is expanding their sedentary lifestyle to the UK and Ireland.

Folks, it's a measly $8/month for unlimited TV and movies. How enticing is that? You know what's even cheaper? GETTING OFF YOUR BUTTS AND MOVING! Instead of asking the family "What do you want to watch tonight?" ask "Where should we walk to tonight?"

Netflix should be taxed like tobacco and liquor: it's a destructive, disease causing force causing people to fall to pieces. Have a brutally painful subluxation from a 10 hour movie marathon? Sure, that can be fixed before it causes a life-threatening illness. It'll cost you more than the $8 you spend on Netflix. Minimum of $30/visit for probably 2-4 visits a week for at least a couple of weeks.

It's like an alcoholic or smoker having to pay for a liver or lung transplant. Just Say No to all the modern "entertainment delivery systems" that are designed to make you complacent, fat, and unhealthy. The system DOES NOT want you healthy! It wants you as a consumer of medical poisons until death. It wouldn't be suprising to discover that the BigPharma players are investors in things like liquor, tobacco and Netflix: those things deliver life-long pill-popping & insulin-shooting customers by the millions. The proper alternatives of eating well, being active, and receiving targetted chiropractic adjustments don't make them their billions in pain-delivered profits.

Submission + - Attempts to "Scientize" Alt-Med (keepchiropracticdrugless.org)

Dr.Bob,DC writes: "The Council on Chiropractic Education (CCE) is the agency recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education for accreditation of programs and institutions. Last year, the CCE made drastic changes to their Standards document which removed basic core chiropractic descriptors such as "vertebral subluxation" and "without drugs or surgery".

Removal of these key terms, especially “without drugs or surgery,” will allow for an extremist group within the profession to pursue the addition of prescriptive rights and surgical procedures. They have been working towards this for many years and wish to create a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine (DCM) program to teach these medical practices, circumventing the current necessary steps of separately receiving an MD, DO, or ND degree.

This reeks of back-room politicizing from the Pharmaceutical Industry."

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Journal Journal: Radicals Try to Scientize Alternative Medicine

Radical members of the Chiropractic community wish to turn the healing art of Chiropractic into a drug-pushing, Big Pharma controlled industry. Chiropractic would lose sight of its core values if this were to happen.

Sign the petition to Keep Chiropractic Drugless!

[from the link]
Why This Is Important

1- Petition Summary:

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Journal Journal: Keep Chiropractic Drugless!

Radical members of the Chiropractic community wish to turn the healing art of Chiropractic into a drug-pushing, Big Pharma controlled industry. Chiropractic would lose sight of its core values if this were to happen.

Sign the petition to Keep Chiropractic Drugless!

[from the link]
Why This Is Important

1- Petition Summary:

Comment no, No, NO!!! (Score 0, Funny) 193

[NB. I've been away for a while, busy giving life saving Chiropractic treatments at famine-ravaged refugee camps in Africa]

The proposed "solution" is even worse than the antibiotics it is intended to replace.

A bacteria modified to attack cancer cells needs only to have its "cancer-only" chromosome modified to "attack-all-cells" which would spell doom for the patient.

It's not as far-fetched as one would thing. Chromosomes are modified all the time. Radiation from cell phones, smoke detectors and nuclear reactors beat the tar out of your chromosomes 24/7. Even bananas are radioactive; NEVER EVER eat bananas lest you flood your system with subluxation-causing radiation.

There are a handful of things you need for optimal health (note that BigPharma toxins are not one of them):

1) Get plenty of exercise
2)Get plenty of sleep
3)Maintain a calorie restricted, high protein, low carbohydrate, organic, vegan diet
4) Get regular Chiropractic adjustments to keep your nervous system performing at its best
5) Meditate regularily
6)Stay Radiation Free 7) Never set foot in the Big Pharma controlled "medical system". One foot in the "MD's office" is one foot in your grave.


Comment Re:When on your deathbed... (Score 1, Interesting) 176

If only you had seen me for proper adjustments, you wouldn't have made such a silly mistake.

Remember folks, to avoid ending up like "grub":

- Eat well, preferably an organic & vegan diet.
- Get plenty of exercise.
- Get plenty of sleep
- Visit your local Chiropractor for regular adjustments. This will help maintain your nervous system and ensure you are using the correct browser at all times.

Take care,
Bob (RIP)
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Journal Journal: Chiropractic Saves Lives. 1


Thank you for taking the time to read my journal. Normally I can only post once or twice a day to the main Slashdot blog pages because of Big Pharma shills voting down my comments. They cannot vote down my journal!

Please read my previous journal entries explaining what Chiropractic is, then come back to here. Back? Good!

Comment Money NOT well spent. (Score -1, Interesting) 116

I guess the larger question is "Why?" Why are they even looking for this in the first place?

Imagine if all the money spent on sending handfuls of people into space was spent on health care education here on Earth? I love the idea of astronomers at their telescopes but the costs involved with manned spaceflight is astronomical. Didn't it cost something like $10,000/pound to send stuff up in into orbit in the shuttles? How much are the Mars landers costing?

We need a SOLID health research plan back here on Earth. Far less money for the Big Pharma-controlled 'sickness industry' of today and more for alternative medicine research. Alternative medicine has been shown time and again to be just as, or more, effective than Big Pharma drugs or a surgeon's butcher knives. This is actually a timely discussion as the Big Pharma made up "flu season" is coming fast.

For example, did you know the flu shots are ineffective and even dangerous? If you start to show the signs of a flu there are simple things you can do. A homeopathic remedy of Oscillococcinum along with Chiropractic adjustments form a two-pronged attack on the flu virus. The Oscillococcinum attacks the young viruses while the adjustments to the spine help the body's innate healing capabilities destroy the mature virus. It's a 100% painless and safe way to heal yourself from within with the human body's most powerful weapon: innate intelligence.

Don't just take my word for it, educate yourself with the University of Google! Here's more evidence of efficacy:
"Flu season wellness plan should include chiropractic care"
How Chiropractic Can Help The Flu
Swine Flu Chiropractors Handout

Take care,

Comment CO2 can be serious. (Score -1, Troll) 62

It's a very neat machine that will definately save lives.

After being trapped in rubble for too long, there would be serious concerns about the amount of CO2 the person has inhaled as well as the length of their immobility. Too much CO2 in the system has been suggested as a cause of subluxation as has a sedentary lifestyle.

The link to CO2 was made several years ago by a Doctor who noticed several of his more frequent visitors came in with "Big Gulps". Many drank diet drinks yet still had vertebreal subluxations, that eliminates the HFCS from the equation (not that you should take that garbage in).

The sole link seemed to be the huge amounts of carbonation in the drinks which gets right into the system and causes nerve damage/blockage/subluxation. The Doctor actually submitted his findings to the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research.

After pulling people from the rubble and making sure they have no broken bones or internal damage, I'd hope that they would be rushed to a Chiropractor who would assess and treat the damage caused by excessive CO2 inhalation and immobility.

Take care,

Comment Cognition without drugs and video games. (Score 0, Insightful) 82

It's nice to see some improvements in human health being made without the pushing of the drugs on the population!

There are other drugless ways to improve cognition in older adults:
- Get plenty of exercise.
At 80 you needn't be running marathons, but a nice hour long walk in the morning will do wonders for your health.

- Eat an organic & vegetarian (preferably vegan) diet.
You Are What You Eat. Skip the bacon and eggs at breakfast. Go for a delicious fruit smoothie made with organic raspberries & blueberries. For that necessary protein, toss some organic tofu in the blender as well.
Don't eat a big, fat lunch. Lunch is the least important meal of the day. Nibble on some organic fruit & granola.
Dinner? Go for it within reason. Just stay within the boundaries of organic vegan and you're good to go! A well fed mind is a cognitive mind.

- Get plenty of sleep.
This is important. Many older people sleep less than they did when in their 40's. You can sleep longer, don't worry. A relaxed mind is a cognitive mind.

- Get regular Chiropractic adjustments
Thousands of older patients swear by the life-saving miracle of Chiropractic. It eliminates health-draining subluxations, removes nerve blockages, and helps your bodies innate healing powers win any battle against infection or disease. A subluxation-free body leads to a cognitive mind.

- Avoid MDs
This is a given. Big Pharma doctors push expensive drugs rather than helping patients make lifestyle changes. Instead of the diet above they'd feed you cholesterol pills. Instead of exercise mentioend above they'd push blood pressure pills on you. A drug-free mind is a cognitive mind.


Take care,

Comment Avoid the DHS scanners, forget courts. (Score -1, Interesting) 30

The use of the DHS body scanners is a crime against everything we hold dear as Americans. When you fly, you should insist on a manual body search by one of the DHS security people. It may take more time, but if you allow yourself just an extra 10-15 minutes you'll make your flight AND be radiation free!

The DHS scanner ("Cancer Coffins") hammer your body from all angles with radiation. This particular frequency penetrates your clothing and the top few layers of thinner skin. The radiation causes neurological, DNA, and RNA damage. If the right chromosome gets mutated by these devices... congratulations! You have cancer! Off to the Oncologist to get cut up by his butcher knives and prescribed all sorts of ineffective drugs.

If the radiation hits a nerve the wrong way... hurrah! You have a subluxation! The double-whammy with this is that the initial subluxation is very small, they're call micro-subluxations for a reason. What happens next is throwing fuel on the fire: you sit in an airplane virtually motionless for hours on end. At the end of a 4 hour flight, the once virtually undetectable subluxation has morphed into something causing nerve blockages in a large area of your back. Ever feel sore in the back after sitting for a long period? That's the exact same thing at work. When you stretch and feel things pull, you're effectively breaking smaller subluxations. That's why a good stretch feels darn great! For larger problems where stretching won't do, you need to see a reputable Chiropractor who will treat the subluxation with due diligence.

If you are are one of the DHS employees working near these scanners, there are ways you can protect yourself against the subluxation-causing effects of the radiation. Being that this particular type of radioactivity doesn't penetrate far into the skin, you can apply a silver-empregnated bandage down your back. They look similar to an "Elastoplast" brand bandage but are 6" across and come in rolls. The outside has a metallic shine, that's the active silver which protects the wearer.

Have a partner start the bandage at the Coccyx ("Tailbone" for the lay-person) and apply it all the way up to the top of C1, the vertebrae at the base of the skull. There's no need to have the bandage between the buttocks as the fat there keeps the radiation from getting further, so start just above. Keep the spine centered in the middle of the bandage all the way up to the skull. [Of course this won't help prevent cancer, only subluxations!]

If you still feel stiff in the back after taking these precautions, visit a Chiropractor before things progress too far. Tell the Doctor you work around the DHS radiation scanners. He or she will know where to look for the tell-tale signs of vertebral subluxation and should be able to treat it before more serious issues arise.

Take care,

Comment Re:No need for it, go SOLAR! (Score -1, Troll) 233

You seem to be a Show-Me-The-Evidence-Blinded-By-Science people. Those are the people that believe anything that ~science~ can demonstrate. Can you disprove Santa? No.

It's gotten so bad that the entire Chiropractic community is under attack from within. They are wanting to turn us into yet more generic "medical types" who can't talk about subluxation or recommend drug-free remedies for various maladies.

Back to the subject at hand. If my "science" is bad, why do so many Chiropractors see patients who work in and around nuclear power plants? Radiation = Ill Health.

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