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Comment Just broke the irony meter here (Score 1) 826

/. managed to finally break the irony meter.

All the bitching about obummer, and sucking Ron&Rand Paul's "Libertarian" penis because they're anti-tsa.

Except it wasn't the TSA who caused this, is was a business exercising its right to refuse service, because the guy was a douschebag and work a t-shirt to make other paying customers uncomfortable. Rand and Ron have nothing against businesses enforcing their own set of standards and ethics. Businesses can do whatever the fuck they want under Ron and Rand.

And BTW If your going to try that kind of stunt; and least make sure you get a refundable ticket.

Comment Re:Nope (Score 1) 1030

I specifically stated Ubuntu, and not the others.

I spent more than a year on Kubuntu and was never happy with it. And I still use Ubuntu everyday as well. At least I can install the KDE apps I want.

For other systems I switched to OpenSUSE more than a year ago and life is very good. Personally I have no use for the *buntu family.

Comment All Praise the Tea Party and Bush (Score -1, Troll) 543

If you think you're paying high taxes now, just join the investor class and just pay 15% capital gains taxes; I'm pretty certain that would drop your taxes.

Because seriously, thanks to the low capital gains, and the Tax cuts on the top 2%, we have had the best economy since World War two.

Praise to W for lowering the taxes on the Job Providers so that we have this abundance of high paying jobs and low unemployment rate.

Praise to the Tea Party for keeping the taxes low on the top 2% and continuing the low unemployment rate.

Praise the conservatives for making sure that marriage is just as sacred as it was in the time of King David and preventing those homosexuals from disgracing changing it as always been defined.

Comment How about the exit button? (Score 2) 77

How about fixing the red exit button so that when I click it the application actually exits, and doesn't keep running in the background, so I have to exit it again, and the confirm?

And before I hear the whiners say:"That's what its supposed to do". I say inability to exit the application with one click is a fucking bug.

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