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Comment Re:Big Question... (Score 1) 513

You'll find that many pro-audio products are supported by ALSA, thus work well in JACK (though never as many as we wish we had). The favorites as far as I can recall (it's been a while since I've bought equipment are the Delta 1010 and the low-budget 1010LT (ten in, ten out), and a few other well-known brands (edirol, steinberg and even some amateur hardware such as creative labs -- check the matrix at http://www.alsa-project.org/main/index.php/Matrix:Main).

It's quite an adventure to get it all together, and I spent a couple of days understanding everything only to get the first few seconds recorded, but it's a nice journey.

Comment Re:Big Question... (Score 1) 513

I'm pretty sure TFA (which is slashdotted ATM) might be referring to some very well-done, production-grade software for pro audio on Linux:

JACK Audio Connection Kit, by Paul Davis, and Ardour - a digital audio workstation also by him (and many contributors of course... really an outstanding piece of software).

These are my favorites and the main pieces around which a DAW is built around.

You can also try looking for Rosegarden, Jack-Rack, Seq29, Qsynth, Zynaddsubfx (a little outdated but still nice synth), aeolus and I'm sure we could go on for a while.

Your hardware interfaces will mostly have a hard time working in Linux, but check out the options, they might be worth it.

Comment Re:Legos vs Lego - US vs UK language divide? (Score 3, Interesting) 396

If I may add only R$0.02 from Brazil here...

From my understanding in studying English (which I -- maybe incorrectly -- pride myself of being fluent in), pluralization depends on whether the noun is a countable or an uncountable one.

Bear with me for a moment.

For instance, you don't pluralize "rice" as "rices" because you don't care how many grains there are (and you would never be practically able to count them or even to use that measure for anything significant). So you don't count them as two, three or four rices. There's just rice. Same with coffee, sugar, sand or whatever uncountable thing you want.

OTOH, when you talk about countable things, you pluralize: Two eggs, four bricks, a dozen bananas.

So I don't think it's easy to come into consensus here. I tend to use "Lego" (BTW, in Brazil they're "Lego", not "Legos") because it 'looks' uncountable to me. But maybe some people see Lego more like "bricks", and I can certainly see some reason into that too.

Anyway, I don't really see an end to the discussion, but wanted to provide food for thought.

And yes, I realize I am throwing too much of a philosophy into a rather useless discussion. But hey, this is Slashdot.

Comment Re:only 4 hours sleep a night (Score 2, Informative) 354

I second that. I spent 4 years working 18 hours a day, weekends and holidays included. Suddenly (in a few days time) I started not being able to sleep, feeling tired, and not keeping up at all with my work. Turns out my blood pressure and cholesterol levels were through the roof, and my adrenaline levels were three times those of a normal person.

The big issue here is that, if you get to feel the heavy symptoms, it may be already too late to fully recover. It was not my case, but it really makes you think if all that work is worth your life.

For the record, I voted 6-8 hours. Normal work nowadays.

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