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Comment Re:So much for democracy then (Score 1) 443

"The DOJ YOU got is the system your society wants"? Not so sure about that. Most folks are scratching their heads about what's going on in the political world today. Can it be that government has finally gotten to the point where it supersedes anything that the common man desires? Seems brainwashing has become a real art.

Comment Re:Historicaly accurate (Score 1) 330

While Pixar did a fine job at animation it is not on par with other animators. If you look closely at comparing the films of pixar and competitors, the detail in the competitions products beats pixar hands down.

However, credit where credit is due. Jobs was a marketing genius. Taking older macs and giving them to schools was one. Students got out, no idea how to run a PC, so were instant mac customers.

And Adobe helped that along as well. When they bought photoshop it was a mac based program. So if you needed to do graphics... you went mac. When Adobe finally ported photoshop to the PC it was too late. While it is more powerful on a PC, graphic designers were stuck with mac. Too expensive to move over (machines and software) and learn a new OS. And since they were stuck with mac, so were any students who wanted to get into graphic design. They'd never get a job with a design company if they didn't know the mac.

Comment Touch it (Score 1) 610

Brilliant deduction that touch took off on pads and phones. On the other hand, how the hell do you use them without touch? It "might" work on a laptop but on a desktop? Gimme a break. Lean back in a chair and put your KB on your lap. Go ahead. Then use touch. I suppose it's a good way to get some exercise.

Comment Re:Profit (Score 0) 227

Used to be if you wanted to make more money you worked harder and/or longer. Then some politician came up with a "minimum" wage law. No one noticed it was really a tax increase. They still don't.

Did it help the poor? Hell no. It hurt. If it wasn't for minimum wage you'd still be paying about a nickel for a loaf of bread.

Minimum wage is nothing more than a hidden tax increase. One that makes the politicians look good.

Look, you get a raise. Your employer has to raise his prices. Within a month you're back to where you were since every employer everywhere has to raise prices.

But wait! There's more! You're actually worse off. The wage increase means you get more money, but it also means you pay more taxes. And if it puts you over the edge to that higher tax bracket... you're behind. Your cost of living goes up and taxes go up but you never notice it. But you're smiling like a jackass eating briars and the politicians are just smiling since they now have enough money to vote themselves another raise.

Comment Had it's day (Score 1) 436

It actually had it's day over 50 years ago. Flopped then. If they can figure out a way to see it *without* glasses it may work. As far as buying a 3d tv... you still need glasses. Back in the 50's there were 3d movies on tv. With glasses. (that were free or you could make them yourself for pennies) No idea if the new tv 3d is better or not. But hundreds of dollars vs free...

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