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Comment Re:Profit (Score 0) 227

Used to be if you wanted to make more money you worked harder and/or longer. Then some politician came up with a "minimum" wage law. No one noticed it was really a tax increase. They still don't.

Did it help the poor? Hell no. It hurt. If it wasn't for minimum wage you'd still be paying about a nickel for a loaf of bread.

Minimum wage is nothing more than a hidden tax increase. One that makes the politicians look good.

Look, you get a raise. Your employer has to raise his prices. Within a month you're back to where you were since every employer everywhere has to raise prices.

But wait! There's more! You're actually worse off. The wage increase means you get more money, but it also means you pay more taxes. And if it puts you over the edge to that higher tax bracket... you're behind. Your cost of living goes up and taxes go up but you never notice it. But you're smiling like a jackass eating briars and the politicians are just smiling since they now have enough money to vote themselves another raise.

Comment Had it's day (Score 1) 436

It actually had it's day over 50 years ago. Flopped then. If they can figure out a way to see it *without* glasses it may work. As far as buying a 3d tv... you still need glasses. Back in the 50's there were 3d movies on tv. With glasses. (that were free or you could make them yourself for pennies) No idea if the new tv 3d is better or not. But hundreds of dollars vs free...

Comment Re:Kinda tiny (Score 1) 347

Depends on what you're doing. I have a 500g main drive and 3 2t slaves. I do a lot of graphic design and some gaming. I don't install anything on the main drive outside of the OS but that doesn't mean nothing gets installed there. The main drive now runs around 250g of free space. But if you start crowding the main it slows down the whole machine.

Comment Catch-22 compromise. (Score 1) 675

Well, being into computers for at least 20 years my wife likes it over win 7. Took a while to rip the gui apart but it seems to work well for her.

As far as me... well the MS compatibility tester prog says there's about a dozen or more legacy progs I depend on that aren't compatible. So it'll probably cost me at least $500 to upgrade them. And there are some that'll just die.
Seems like it's getting more and more like the mac. Upgrade the OS you have to upgrade some programs. Want to upgrade some programs, you have to update the OS.
So I'm at a catch-22 with it.

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