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Comment What most miss. (Score 3, Insightful) 555

See, the thing most miss is that when higher incomes had higher taxes they'd have to look for tax breaks by hiring, diversifying, expanding, whatever.

With taxes low they can just invest in the stock market. Less aggravation, likely higher (and lower taxaable) income.

So, the markets bloom, they get richer with no aggravation with hiring, firing, building costs, overhead, etc. While the average guy starves.

Comment Can't figure out how to use anything but outlook? (Score 1) 173

Never grasped the concept behind this ruling. IE is essentially integrated into the OS. It's free. There are tons of free browsers out there.

On the other hand, outlook, the email prog that hackers love, stays and no one even mentions it. Even tho there's a bunch of not free email progs out there that have to compete.

Comment Re:Like Apple? (Score 1) 198

Actually it was because Jobs was a marketing genius. (Yes I've owned some of their products) Never understood their popularity. IMHO, mediocre products at ridiculous prices. But his sales pitches were brilliant. We'll just have to wait and see how they'll get along without him. Personally I wouldn't buy stock in the company now.

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