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Comment Re:Shocked. (Score 1) 851

The boss sees you with a smartphone, he assumes you're always on duty. Because he can. Because YOU can.

Well, you could:

(1) Not give your boss the number. Grapple the expectation head-on.
(2) Give your boss the number with the caveat that at some places the reception really sucks. "Gee, boss, sorry I missed your call. I must have been in a dead spot!"
(3) Get a Google Voice number, and give that to your boss. It's up to you whether or not you forward it to your phone.

Comment Re:Go for it, AND be loyal (Score 1) 735

It sounds like a deal you shouldn't pass up. And I admire your loyalty. Your new employer will appreciate your loyalty, too, when you explain to them how you still need to help your old company out.

I am sure they would accommodate your working with your old employer until they can get on their feet once again. Perhaps telecommute some, or work at the old job a few days a week.

If they had objections to that, I would question wanting to work for them...

I wish I had mod points so I could rate this Funny.

On the off chance that you are serious, I suspect that the fraction of employers who would welcome such an arrangement is very low, especially if it were an open-ended arrangement. I imagine everybody would be much more comfortable if you start the new job later, and give extended notice at the old job.

Comment Re:Nerd-boy strikes back (Score 1) 832

Fighting with a tsuba-less sword would be folly.

Besides, Beatrix Kiddo: tsuba. O-Ren Ishii: no tsuba. Who got the top inch of her skull lopped off?

On topic, I LOVE Star Wars. I even loved the prequel trilogy, except for Jar-Jar.

I also loved Scalzi's article, and the article in Cracked about the blunders (like, why didn't the Death Star just blow up Yavin and let the blast wave take care of the rebel base on its moon?) Folks need to be lightening up.

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