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Submission + - 'Irish SOPA' signed into law, despite resistance

cupantae writes: "Despite the protests of over 80,000 Irish people, Junior Minister Seán Sherlock has confirmed that the controversial statutory instrument that reinforces online copyright laws in Ireland has been signed into law. The statutory instrument will make it possible for copyright holders to seek court injunctions against companies such as internet service providers or social networks whose systems are hosting copyright-infringing material. This comes in the wake of the music industry bullying the Irish government."

Submission + - Is There Statistical Evidence of Election Fraud? (reddit.com) 1

Haffner writes: Commenters over on reddit seem to believe that there exists a statistical anomaly in voting records for Romney. They've shown that for large precincts, Romney's cumulative vote distribution increases linearly over time — a statistical anomaly — and that this happens many times. Is this good evidence?

Comment Re:Bad summary: the airline, not the government (Score 1) 624

True. One cannot be lawfully restricted from entering or leaving their own country, unless they relinquish all their human rights in exchange for civil ones by claiming citizenship. Its too bad we live in a society of children who fail to recognize who and what they really are. I get a certain amount of satisfaction watching people bicker the symantecs.

Comment Re:Bad summary: the airline, not the government (Score 1) 624

Still asking to take cookies from the jar hey? Why do grown adults ask permission to engage in lawful activities? A licence gives permission to act in a way that would otherwise be unlawful. Your asking permission gives the license force of law. You are an intellectual child in other words, so you get what's coming to you. Today's wars are fought in the mind, and too many of us are unwitting casualties.

Comment Re:Nothing new here (Score 3, Insightful) 516

That's because the majority of their sales come from people who would rather own a physical copy of the movie (or at least the permission to watch it) than view it over the internet or copy it. This, and most people who compulsively collect cheap worthless crap due to razzle dazzle marketing probably don't have big incomes or credit cards to use on the internet, and at least want the item on a shelf as some kind of lower middle class status symbol. All this is worth the overhead of distribution.

Comment Re:I guess the DHS . . . (sunglasses) . . . (Score 2, Insightful) 709

Why on earth anybody would want to take a vacation in that fucked up neo-fascist country is beyond me. Its like someone violated the prime directive by giving a bunch of red-necked hill-billies access to the idea of statutory obligation. Capitalism: Its not a mode of commerce, its the idea of registering your biological property to a corporation.

Comment Re:This won't help (Score 1) 649

The powers that be orchestrated that attack to rationalize all the fascist policy changes we've seen this decade. They called it a 'new pearl harbour'. Clue in you coincidence theorist! Us fluoride guzzling baby registering plebs are seen as cattle by people who run shit (and rightfully so from the shit people put up with), if you don't think so its time to gain some perspective and consider why you and your friends ask the government for permission to engage in lawful activities like travelling and getting married. Capitalism isn't a mode of commerce, its the ideology of teaching men to devalue themselves by behaving as commercial entities to be regulated by a corporate state.

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