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Comment Re:WAY TO GO, MIT! (Score 2) 816

HA! Bring on the apocalypse. As long as most of humanity goes with me, I don't mind dying. I'm getting aggravated watching the obese coke chugging TV watching normalcy biased armchair partisans destroy hundreds of thousands of years of human evolution. If Q from Next Generation was here, he'd say "So long, its been good". Unless someone gets off their ass and organizes some kind of... Change... We're fucked. The sooner the better I say. I'm stocking up on popcorn.

Comment Re:Bottom line: never cooperate with the authoriti (Score 1) 777

People are taught from kindergarten to put themselves in dishonour in the midst of a verbal transaction, so when people run across a cop who initiates a binding commercial transaction, they will invariably put themselves in dishonour with grave consequences. Its the words you choose, not weather you speak or not. Protip: The government has IP rights to your first and last name used together. (Remember that form your mom filled out? Probably not... ;) Saying that the title is 'you' creates a controversy, and makes you the loser by default. Its not that government hates us, its that were collectively so wilfully ignorant that we don't deserve to be respected. Stop acting like property! Duh...

Comment And so it has come to this (Score 2) 112

Its unfortunate that as our continent slides deeper and deeper into a fascist wet dream we feel satisfied quibbling over minutia on the internet. I love this forum, some of the most engaging and thought provoking conversations take place here, but I feel like it might be time for the smart people to organize something in meat space. In terms of systems theory, we have the energy and venue, but they have a stranglehold on communication. For this race to survive we need some big sacrifices.
Your Rights Online

Submission + - 'Irish SOPA' signed into law, despite resistance

cupantae writes: "Despite the protests of over 80,000 Irish people, Junior Minister Seán Sherlock has confirmed that the controversial statutory instrument that reinforces online copyright laws in Ireland has been signed into law. The statutory instrument will make it possible for copyright holders to seek court injunctions against companies such as internet service providers or social networks whose systems are hosting copyright-infringing material. This comes in the wake of the music industry bullying the Irish government."

Submission + - Is There Statistical Evidence of Election Fraud? ( 1

Haffner writes: Commenters over on reddit seem to believe that there exists a statistical anomaly in voting records for Romney. They've shown that for large precincts, Romney's cumulative vote distribution increases linearly over time — a statistical anomaly — and that this happens many times. Is this good evidence?

Comment Re:Bad summary: the airline, not the government (Score 1) 624

True. One cannot be lawfully restricted from entering or leaving their own country, unless they relinquish all their human rights in exchange for civil ones by claiming citizenship. Its too bad we live in a society of children who fail to recognize who and what they really are. I get a certain amount of satisfaction watching people bicker the symantecs.

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