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Comment Re:I guess the DHS . . . (sunglasses) . . . (Score 2, Insightful) 709

Why on earth anybody would want to take a vacation in that fucked up neo-fascist country is beyond me. Its like someone violated the prime directive by giving a bunch of red-necked hill-billies access to the idea of statutory obligation. Capitalism: Its not a mode of commerce, its the idea of registering your biological property to a corporation.

Comment Re:This won't help (Score 1) 649

The powers that be orchestrated that attack to rationalize all the fascist policy changes we've seen this decade. They called it a 'new pearl harbour'. Clue in you coincidence theorist! Us fluoride guzzling baby registering plebs are seen as cattle by people who run shit (and rightfully so from the shit people put up with), if you don't think so its time to gain some perspective and consider why you and your friends ask the government for permission to engage in lawful activities like travelling and getting married. Capitalism isn't a mode of commerce, its the ideology of teaching men to devalue themselves by behaving as commercial entities to be regulated by a corporate state.

Comment Lulz (Score 1) 582

Its funny to watch pseudo-adult plebs argue the symantecs while their country is stolen and their children are sold into indentured servitude. Its staggering how brainwashed the public is. Its really mind-blowing. Really. I can't even believe it. With the internet and everything.

Comment Get informed Americans (Score 1) 1059

Everybody should check out the documentary called "Thrive". It does a pretty good job of laying out just how facist, abusive, and flat out dangerous your government is right now, it being controlled by the men at the top of the banks. (Who decided they had enough money a while ago and decided to take over the earth for shits and giggles). The time to wake up is now, seriously, humanity itself is in danger. Who do you think will do it for you? The fairy fuckin' god-mother?

Comment Re:They only check the signals (Score 1) 235

*snapping up Of course everybody deserves to make a good living, but the nature of piece work contracts is that you're going to get the lowest bidder every time. These guys aren't even qualified, and therefore don't deserve the same compensation as those who are. IE. Actual trained data guys or electricians. FYI all wiring is an electricians field, we often sub it out because the nature of the work is that it doesn't turn enough of a profit to bother with.

Comment Re:Hmm.... not so sure about this .... (Score 1) 235

As an electrician, I can tell you a cable installer isn't a "Basic Electrician". There is far more to my broad occupation than stripping and sizing wire and making terminations. For the successful ones anyway. In my neck of the woods the upper echelons of the cable co are continually calling my outfit going "Why are our installs blowing up plasma TV's?, we keep settling these damage claims and it sucks!" Well, when an entire house tries to ground through the cable jack...

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