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Comment Re:Where is 64-bit version? (Score 1) 393

Nightly stopped supporting 64 bit versions over a month ago. I know, I was on the 64 bit version in nightly specifically because of 64 bit support. It never gave the performance increase hoped for. Frankly, a lot of 64 bit apps don't perform any better than their 32 bit versions. SSSSSHHH, don't tell the marketing guys! 64 vs. 32 is mostly a lot of hype.

Comment Re:Illegal... (Score 1) 149

It is sad when so many are so ignorant. BART did NOT jam the signal! as a convenience to it's riders BART operates a repeater. This is what gets the cell phone signals underground, without it there is NO cell service. All BART did is turn off the repeater. There is no legal requirement for them to operate it. Ignorant people jump to stupid conclusions. Understand the issue before making an ass of ones self.

Comment If you have broadband you are paying someone. (Score 1) 648

Any decent download speed requires a contract. Who is it with? Unless you live in Podunk and have a broadband connection provided and paid for by people in urban areas gratis via the Rural Electrification Act, you get it via the AT&T spin off phone company or the cable company. Many seem to believe the cable company is the greater evil. My personal experience is that the phone company is far, far worse. That said. This whole line of comment is off topic. It costs a lot of money to produce content. The people that produce content do it to make money. Ads, etc are how content is paid for Life isn't free. Happiness is not a purported fundamental right. The pursuit of happiness is. Quests are never easy

Comment Re:oh, great, that's all I need... (Score 1) 110

a popup in Iceweasel saying "Attention! Your computer is compromised!" then some spiel about IE9 and no antivirus...

oh, wait, now where have I seen this before? (link for information only! Do the clicky on "free scan" links at your own risk!)

I don't know how. But. The idiots that come up with this crap have to be forced to sit behind a 12 yr old, bound and gagged, to understand what they intend. If they die of a stroke from the effort, at least it's one less idiot.

Comment Require approval from the requestor supervisor (Score 1) 304

Any change in budget requires approval. Simply require any request for change in your projects to require their supervisor's approval, which includes any changes need in your budget to handle their request without impacting the rest of your requirements. It's simple. You want more, you have to pay for it. If it's the president of the company, ask him/her what don't they want you to do. If that person can't give you an answer it's time to start looking for a new job. Until it's in your budget, it goes in the circular file.

Comment Re:There goes my plans for fleeing tyranny in the (Score 1) 178

I wish I had mod points right now. I'd up you as far as I could A very truthful and insightful post. My olny major disagreement is your glossing over the utter idiocy the TSA puts every traveler on an airlines in the United States. It's one thing to walk through a metal detector, it's another to not be able to take my swiss knife in my carry on. Knives can only hurt 1 or 2, not a terrorist target. Thank god Amtrak police barred TSA from all Amtrak stations until they complied with Amtrak regulations. Sadly the airports do not have a nationwide governing body.

Comment The plains would be a wasteland .. (Score 1) 173

the only reason the plains aren't a wasteland is geography. FLAT. signals carry a long ways. mountains are hell on RF. not enough people want to live there. it's a lifestyle choice. If you don't like it, move. As someone who pays a hidden tax to the rural electrification fund, and has to listen to those who benefit gripe about how "their" tax dollars are spent. ...

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