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Submission + - my bank is run by a bunch of idiots

chromaexcursion writes: "I can't use firefox or chrome to access this credit union's website. Each rejects it as a security risk.
I've sent several emails to the credit union, all ignored. I'm hoping a severe public outing will get a few idiots fired.
A good credit union (in the USA) is a good thing. Management that uses sites that have invalid SSL certs is abysmal.
How many other slashdot users have been faced with such profound idiocy?"


Patriot Act Extension By Autopen Raises Questions for Congressman 247

Okian Warrior writes "Congress passed the [Patriot act extension] bill Thursday night, shortly before certain provisions of the Patriot Act were set to expire. However, Mr. Obama could not sign the bill right away in person, since he was in Europe for the G8 Summit. In order to sign the bill before the measures expired, he authorized the use of the autopen machine, which holds a pen and signs his actual signature. Republican Rep. Tom Graves of Georgia sent President Obama a letter today questioning the constitutionality."

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