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Comment Re:On the subject of guns (Score 1) 450

Because Dorner is most likely half-justified in what he's doing.

There's another instance of a shoot-out between two cops who thought each was a teen gangbanger or something.

I defnitely get the feeling the police aren't telling us the whole story. I really don't like this, at all. The police should be pulled off the case, actually, and hand it over to the feds. They've deemed themselves completely incapable of performing their job without putting innocents in harm's way. But maybe it's their families they're thinking about, which actually presents a conflict of interest.

Comment Re:On the subject of guns (Score 3, Insightful) 450

Sometimes I wonder about Aaron Swartz. Given my propensity to being similar in thoughts, I often find it odd he would have simply given up without a plan. I've reached a conclusion that perhaps his suicide was part of the plan. Because he just didn't have the resources to fight the corrupt system, and he figured he would be better suited as a martyr than to go down and serve a thirty year prison sentence.

Although who knows, perhaps mental illness got in the way. One thing is for certain: copyright law killed him.


As for Dorner, I have many questions about that as well. I think his heavy moral conviction drove him to this, and there's more corruption in the police than just kicking some man while he's down. Why would he lie about that incident? It doesn't make any sense -- I get the feeling things are terribly, terribly wrong with the police he was working with.

Especially when I read things like this: http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/lanow/2013/02/dorner-manhunt-shootings-newspaper-carriers.html

I don't know who's on the moral side, right now. Dorner has clearly become a vigilante, but he seems to do it out of vengeance, and his willingness to draw their families into it is excessive and completely morally obscene. On the other hand, the police are way out of line.

Ultimately I think the FBI should dispatch a very thorough investigation into the the local police as well as finding and stopping Dorner.

Comment GIMP vs. Ps (Score 4, Insightful) 197

I see this battle a lot, but it's inherently flawed. GIMP was never created to compete with photoshop, and photoshop used by industry professionals don't only use Ps. It's usually used in tandem with illustrator, lightroom, etc. Whatever tool is best needed for the job.

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