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Comment Re:so who to blame , wallst or govt or fiat money? (Score 2) 926

Hmmm. Don't think so. The survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not fatter than their contemporaries. In fact if they survived the first few years they lived as long as everyone else. This holds true for the 100+ people who had the misfortune (or great luck) to survive BOTH Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Comment Re:Do the CCs work? (Score 1) 106

You're correct I wasn't clear. The first, and most important thing, was that the cashier looked at the signature (on the card) while examining the customer signature. This had to be done each and every time with one exception - if it was a repeat customer. The organization was a moderately high-end fashion company (below Prada but above Macy's). Rarely did the clerk ASK for ID as that was off-putting to our clientelle. The data, that I saw, indicated that outright fraud (as opposed to serial returning or "borrowing") took place on charges above $1000.00. Therefore on 1000.00 charges the cashier had to write down the ID on a piece of paper. (Hence my job to remove paper.)

Comment Re:Do the CCs work? (Score 1) 106

This isn't true. I worked for a retailer that had an physical presence and part of the workflow included looking at the signature.. The cameras looked down at the cashier and one of the first things that a manager would do if there was a charge reversal was to see if the cashier had looked at the ID. Our processing check list required that manager select whether or not the the cashier had reviewed the signature.

Comment Re:A cynic's view (Score 1) 637

UIDs are part of the problem.Names (obviously) are not usable; neither are SS# as not everyone has a SS# and Medical Record Numbers do not go cross hospitals. Each hospital has it's own MRN which creates problems when hospitals merge with one another and a new set of unique medical records must be created.

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