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The JavaScript Juggernaut Rolls On 505

JThaddeus writes "An article in TechWorld Australia summarizes the latest opinions on JavaScript from ThoughtWorks: 'There is no end in sight to the rise of JavaScript... "I think JavaScript has been seen as a serious language for the last two or three years; I think now increasingly we're seeing JavaScript as a platform," said Sam Newman, ThoughtWorks' Global Innovation Lead.' The article touches on new additions to JavaScript tools, techniques, and languages built on JavaScript. As the fuller report (PDF) says, 'The ecosystem around JavaScript as a serious application platform continues to evolve. Many interesting new tools for testing, building, and managing dependencies in both server- and client-side JavaScript applications have emerged recently.'"

Comment Re:Kind of serves them right (Score 1) 129

Just one gimmick item eh? What about the NES Zapper, or ROB, or Nintendo Scope, or Rumble Pak, or the Gameboy Camera etc. etc? And while they started off as accessories, in more recent consoles, the gimmick itself has become integral - the stylus / 2nd screen of the DS, the 3D in the 3DS (which most people turn off), the Wii Remote, the remote display of the Wii U. They do coast on gimmicks, increasingly so in recent times.

As for "back to its roots", the problem is it has never left its roots. Nintendo thinks it has a monopoly on fun, that only its own games matter, and treats 3rd parties like so much dog crap on the end of a stick. They can't think like that. 3rd parties need to make money too and will jump ship for Sony and Microsoft which know how to treat them better. But its probably way too late for that. WB have basically thrown in the towel by cancelling their Batman DLC and Ubisoft isn't far behind with rumours that Watch Dogs is cancelled.

The Wii U is dead man walking at least in the west. Which is why I suggest one route of recovery may be to target China or somewhere.

Comment Kind of serves them right (Score 0) 129

Nintendo's problem is and always has been they put the bare minimum spec hardware in their devices, make a big fanfare of some gimmick, charge an arm and a leg for it and hope they can coast far enough for the next gimmick to show up. It even works on occasion such as with the Wii. The problem is it didn't this time around. Perhaps people are suffering from gimmick fatigure or once bitten twice shy. Just as bad for them is their appalling relationship with 3rd party publishers. Goodwill and faith is non-existent. The Wii's market share dwarfed the other consoles but it didn't translate to game sales (except for Nintendo). There were repeated stories of high quality, lauded titles simply not selling even when they did on other consoles. So 3rd parties just aimed lower and churned out shovelware. For the Wii U, there was at least platform parity so theoretically costs could be shared with the 360 and PS3, but parity is fast disappearing as the XB1/PS4 take over. And hardware sales have been so dire that even with parity it's not worth the effort of porting. Hence we see one publisher after another shelve plans for the platform. The only way I see Nintendo reinvigorating the Wii U is if they slash the price and also target markets like China where they might make some in roads. Meanwhile they need to cosy up to the 3rd parties and stop treating them like shit. Otherwise their outlook is pretty clear - they'll end up like SEGA with no hardware at all and will have to produce games on any platform. This might not be a bad thing either.

Comment But we will (Score 1) 723

But we will patronize you, because you in that region are so incredibly hostile and intolerant of others. You strut and preen especially when the subject turns to your masculinity. Yet when the slightest amount of precipitation strikes you handle it with less ability than our younger sisters. You are silly girls. You cannot manage when even the slightest weather wrinkle disrupts your soft existence.

Comment And here I'm wondering (Score 1) 723

If the increasing incidence of odd climatic events in the South has moved any minds about climate change? Are any of the televangelists now crowing about how much God hates the South that he's visiting such calamity upon them? Because I sure recall that happening when Katrina hit New Orleans and Sandy hit NYC. And I'm also wondering how many microseconds it will take before the South, which cries and moans endlessly about federal spending, applies for federal disaster relief funds. Man up, ye Southerners. Like the other man said, buy some good tires and drive sensibly and quit yer bitchin'.

Comment 4x4s (Score 1) 723

And yet isn't it amazing that a state full of so many self-proclaimed manly men driving 4x4s that can get through anything should be so unmanned by a skiff of snow? Here's an idea. Buy chains. When it snows, put them on. Help pull your neighbors out. You know, actually be a man.

Comment Should be sub $100 (Score 1) 76

Amazon has a lot of cloud storage and servers. They should just sell a cheap stick akin to Chromecast or the multitude of Android TV sticks which has a small amount of storage for Android apps running locally but also does streaming through the cloud. It shouldn't have to cost more than $100 even with a controller.

Comment Re:Despite it's name (Score 3, Insightful) 168

Most server code? Most server code is Java, Python, PHP or some other abstraction running over the hardware. Providing the runtime exists to support the abstraction it is largely irrelevant what architecture is powering it. I expect that operations that are already using Linux or some other Unix variant are well positioned to jump over. Windows based operations, not so much though Microsoft are in the cloud computing space too and this might motivate them to support ARM.

Why companies might do choose ARM really depends not on whether it is faster than Intel CPUs, but whether it is fast enough for the task at hand, and better in other regards such as power consumption, cooling, rack space etc. Google, Facebook, Amazon et al run enormous data centers running custom boot images and have teams capable of producing images for different architectures. This would seem to be the market that AMD is targeting.

Comment Re:Not as bad as the reviews made it seem (Score 1) 178

Reading the spec of it, it doesn't seem that bad for the time, but it just didn't do anything people wanted from a computer and became obsolete as 16-bit home computers appeared. I think more likely that it managed to alienate the two groups of prospective buyers at the price point. People who wanted an actual PC were disappointed by a crappy PC-a-like which couldn't run much software and came with a sucky keyboard. And consumers who wanted a home computer baulked because the Commodore 64, Atari 800, ZX Spectrum all cost less (and had more games).

Also it didn't help that IBM are incapable of marketing products aimed at the home consumer market. I swear if they made a car it would come with a 2600 page instruction manual in 5 volumes, be operated by 50 dials, levers and switches positioned randomly around the cabin and would be immobile thanks to its 10 ton weight and triangular "wheels"

Comment Clapper in Prison (Score 5, Insightful) 383

He belongs in prison, along with his deputies that obeyed his orders to violate the Constitution thousands of times. Same goes for Keith Alexander. Obama, too, must be impeached for signing off on all of it. We are at a 200-year break point. Either the American citizenry reasserts its primacy in the democracy and teaches all and sundry again that the law is for everybody, we will lose it all for the next century or two. I would prefer we take those steps now when we still have means to attack the corruption rather than several generations deep into the police state when we will have nothing.

Comment Re: Not just "another IT purchase"... (Score 1) 44

Brother make pretty good printers. I have an all-in-one inkjet which does a good job and most importantly for me lets me use 3rd party cartridges without issue. That said, I see absolutely no reason to buy a Dell badged version of any printer. It *will* cost more. It *will* be laden down with crapware. It *will* suffer from poorer support and possibly proprietary cartridges.

What's the point? It's just another thing Dell sell so they can nickel and dime people on their long march through to the checkout.

Comment Re:PC master race (Score 1) 220

And that probably accounts for the fact that a $400 console produces an experience that a PC costing considerably more would struggle to match. It doesn't necessarily the game in question is any good or that optimized means framerate is the only consideration when producing the game, e.g. the producers might accept the odd frame rate dip to keep the resolution, draw distance or some other visual effect in place.

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