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Comment Both? (Score 4, Interesting) 273

People have shared the Nobel Peace Prize and such before, why not award the prize to both Snowden and Malala this year? What they each did took a tremendous amount of courage and has made a powerful statement for human rights everywhere. And when I think about it, pissing off the Taliban the next village is a very scary and brave thing to do, but then so is pissing off the most powerful government on the planet which commands unlimited numbers of scary commandos, assassins, and gunmen who can kill you no matter where you go. They're both epic, epic heros for what they've done.

Comment tell that to Kenya (Score 1) 1532

Are you guys serious? Do you not read the news? Despite the slashdot hiveminds wishes to the contrary, terrorism is very real and is happening. Just a few days ago, we had the Kenyan mall attack. How many attacks does it take before you believe it is happening?

Submission + - Apache CloudStack 4.2.0 released ( 2

ke4qqq writes: This release represents over six months of work from the Apache CloudStack community with 57 new and 29 improved features being provided. Many new features incorporate contributions from major corporations and support for industry standards. New integrated support of the Cisco UCS compute chassis, LXC, SolidFire storage arrays, and the S3 storage protocol are just a few of the features available in this release.

Comment Re:Kill the zombies (Score 1) 203

So what you are saying is that you deserve to be punished every time you accidentaly hurt yourself?

Infected PCs are not just hurting themselves. They're putting an uncessary burden on the PC, potentially compromising any other PC on the same network, and potentially compromising any other person the owner has a relationship with.

At the very least I think ISPs should be well within their rights to disable access to the subscriber if there was cause to believe the machine was infected.

Comment Re:In other words, mining for bitcoin is not at al (Score 2) 203

It's fairly obvious that botnets could be used for mining.

For that matter, any popular website could be used for mining via page hits e.g. a site could throw a hash computation into every page served, store the result in a cookie and return the result with the next request. It'd probably happen so fast people wouldn't even notice their CPU cycles being stolen. Perhaps some sites are already do this.

Comment Re:Uhmm...BlewBerry? (Score 0) 278

comes pre-loaded with chair throwing app!

Chair throwing apps are fine, it was the Ballmer/Zune RIM squirting app that made people sicker than a landlubber with a white iPhone running iOS7 on a fermented herring boat in a typhoon...

Comment Re:Self-driving cars (Score 2) 408

I think the answer would be yes, given that they don't exist in any acceptable form and probably won't for any forseeable time to come either.

But Saudi Arabia being Saudi Arabia, they'd probably insist that the woman "driving" be escorted by a male relation lest any other male on the road be so overcome by passion to ram her vehicle and rape her by the roadside. Which would be her fault obviously.

Comment Pure stupidity (Score 1) 375

Stupid #1 - using an iPad, one of the most expensive thief attractive tablets on the market and one of the most proprietary.

Stupid #2 - thinking that client side software (doubtless very shoddy client side software) could stop students who want to look at porn in class.

A smarter programme would have required students to buy their own tablets that supported some common platform (which Apple, Google or anybody else could implement) and put the firewall / netnanny filter as a transparent proxy in the school's wifi. Then there is nothing to "hack", at least not in the devices.

Comment Because they're the servants, not the masters (Score 4, Insightful) 513

These programs didn't start under Obama. Echelon has been going for decades. Cheney and Bush had the Total Information Awareness program. So the reason I don't blame Obama exclusively is because both Republicans and Democrats are doing it at the command of the same masters, the corporations and the .01% who run them. It's out in the open now--much of this spying that Snowden has revealed was industrial espionage. Focusing ire on the party(ies) in charge in DC is a dodge, a convenient lightening rod for the powers-that-be to draw the popular anger that has historically hung people like them from trees and beheaded them. Every once in a while you throw one of your cannon, Congressmen and Presidents to the wolves, Joe Sixpack grunts with clueless satisfaction, cracks open another beer, and puts the game back on; and you can get back to the business of robbing his pension fund blind under the cover of law.

To stop being part of the problem and part of the solution, we all have to stop pretending that the political process makes any difference or that there's such a thing as the rule of law; they have been entirely subverted and the American people will have to get about the messy business of re-asserting popular sovereignity and bringing the criminals and sociopaths who brought this about to justice. It sucks and I don't want to have to do it either, but it's our duty to our children to not condemn them to live in slavery.

Comment Great! Can we have a copy? (Score 5, Insightful) 513

I think it would be useful for the American citizenry to have a copy of this data so that we can know exactly who the NSA employees are, who they know, what they're doing, and where they are at all times. Also the heads of JP Morgan, Citibank, Halliburton, etc, and all the shadowy 1% who are implementing this police state.

Oh, it's only for informational purposes, you know. Not like we would act on any of that information.

Seriously, do these people think these tools can't be turned on them? Americans have grown pretty fat and lazy but we are still a relatively heavily armed people, and you can't exactly go around ordering F-15s to drop napalm on suburban Cleveland. That is, the troubles the US Army has had suppressing IEDs and small arms fire in Afghanistan and Iraq multiply exponentially when you're turning your artillery on the friends and families of the very people you count on to manufacture your ammo, grow your food, and ship it to your butt.

So go ahead, totalitarian fantasists, keep turning the weaponry and spying machinery on the very people you count on to make your activities possible. See how that turns out. ***Spoilers ahead*** It ends with you swinging for lampposts or torn limb from limb by angry mobs.

Comment Cloud gaming (Score 1) 182

It's fairly obvious that SteamOS and its hardware is leading up to cloud gaming. They might support streaming from a PC as well in the short term but that's a side effect of where they are heading. I expect that when they finally out themselves that many existing titles will be instantly playable through the cloud if someone has already bought them. Not sure what they'd do for things like DLC though.

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