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Comment Mac Mail app does a good job (Score 0) 144

The mail app has rarely let me down with its junk mail filter but you never know when you'll end up missing that all-important email. It's just a tab away to see all the junk/spam stuff so it's convenient and I have my own domain email so I've got full control. Can't trust google or hotmail with those things

Submission + - Using nanoparticles to boil water for less £ (

vswee writes: "Generating steam, typically requires vast amounts of energy to heat and eventually boil water or another fluid. Now researchers at Rice University have found a shortcut. Using light-absorbing nanoparticles suspended in water, the group was able to turn the water molecules surrounding the nanoparticles into steam while scarcely raising the temperature of the remaining water. The trick could dramatically reduce the cost of many steam-reliant processes."

Comment too young to compare (Score 1) 178

I'm in uni at the moment and my brother is in secondary school so I suppose that means I've got more formality by quantity but by purely the formality of it, we're on the same path I suppose. I bet I'm like a kid compared to the general slashdot community

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