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Comment Mac Mail app does a good job (Score 0) 144

The mail app has rarely let me down with its junk mail filter but you never know when you'll end up missing that all-important email. It's just a tab away to see all the junk/spam stuff so it's convenient and I have my own domain email so I've got full control. Can't trust google or hotmail with those things

Submission + - Using nanoparticles to boil water for less £ (

vswee writes: "Generating steam, typically requires vast amounts of energy to heat and eventually boil water or another fluid. Now researchers at Rice University have found a shortcut. Using light-absorbing nanoparticles suspended in water, the group was able to turn the water molecules surrounding the nanoparticles into steam while scarcely raising the temperature of the remaining water. The trick could dramatically reduce the cost of many steam-reliant processes."

Comment too young to compare (Score 1) 178

I'm in uni at the moment and my brother is in secondary school so I suppose that means I've got more formality by quantity but by purely the formality of it, we're on the same path I suppose. I bet I'm like a kid compared to the general slashdot community

Submission + - Skype taking a page from Darth Vader (

vswee writes: "The wonderful VOIP service that so many of us have grown to love over the years for it's ease of use and cost effectiveness, is now crossing over to the dark side. (Hence the reference to DV)

The company was recently bough over by Microsoft for a cool $8.5b

Does this ruin skype for you as much as it has for me?"


Submission + - Make your own Chromebook (

An anonymous reader writes: On June 15, Samsung and Acer will release the first consumer-oriented Chrome OS laptops, or Chromebooks as Google likes to call them. Both hardware- and software-wise, these netbooks are nothing special. In fact, for about $300 — a saving of about $150 — you can get a cheaper and more powerful netbook with Windows 7 pre-installed — and it only takes about 30 minutes to wipe Windows and install Chrome OS yourself. You'll end up with a better and cheaper Chromebook — and to top it off, you'll have a spare Windows 7 license that you can give to your mom.
Open Source

Submission + - 10 reasons why is Microsoft buying Skype!

donadony writes: This is a biased post. Biased towards FREE people using the FREE internet! And certainly against the blogging policies of being neutral, but no harms! Everyone is changing the policies; Microsoft is being altruistic supporting its ultimate rivals – the open source community; and hence changing its policies. If the IT tycoons are changing their policies then why not tiny bloggers!

Submission + - RIP Flip Camera (

vswee writes: "Granted it makes me sad to hear 550 people losing their jobs but the Flip camera has been a terrible product for a long time. The quality was meh for 720p, they didn’t have image stabilization and when they did it was bad stabilization that made people nauseous, AND even when they ran ad campaigns on YouTube half of those YouTubers filmed those videos with a superior camera.

Also the Slide HD.retarded."


Submission + - Microsoft Kicks Vista To Curb With IE10 (

CWmike writes: "Internet Explorer 10 will not run on Windows Vista, either now in its developer preview form or when the software ships, Microsoft confirmed on Wednesday. The decision makes Microsoft the first browser developer to drop support for Vista, and follows the move last year when it announced Windows XP would not run IE9, the browser that went final four weeks ago. In release notes published Tuesday, Microsoft said that users need to run the IE10 Platform Preview on Windows 7 RTW — the designation for the original 2009 release of the OS — or Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1). The latter started reaching users on Feb. 22. Windows 7 RTW must be updated before it's able to run IE10, said Microsoft. When Vista users try to install the IE10 preview, they see a dialog box that reads, 'Windows Internet Explorer Platform Preview does not support any operating system earlier than Windows 7,' after which the installation process terminates."

Submission + - Temporary changes to brain could speed up learning (

An anonymous reader writes: In an advance that could help the treatment of learning impairments, strokes, tinnitus and chronic pain, UT Dallas researchers have found that stiumlating nerves in the brain accelerates learning in laboratory tests. When the juice was turned off, researchers monitoring brain activity in rats found that brain responses eventually returned to their pre-stimulation state — but the animals kept the ability to perform their newly learned tasks.

Submission + - Wireless Synching, Carbon Fiber Coming To iPod (

RedEaredSlider writes: Apple may be ditching aluminum is its material of choice in future products.

That the switch comes as Apple aims to introduce WiFi syncing to the iPod. Much of the effort at equipping the next iteration of the iPad with WiFi syncing comes from Steve Jobs himself, who is "pushing hard" for the technology.

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