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Comment Re:I think that (Score 1) 684

Before I got an iPhone, I had a GSM BlackBerry 8800 on T-Mobile. The experiences were not similar.

BlackBerry -- I use a third party sync software that does a really mediocre job of syncing contacts from my address book to my phone and back. It routinely creates double-entries of existing contacts. It's so bad at merging information that I have to use it as a one-way sync, either going only from phone to computer, or only computer to phone. When I try to do both ways at once, it constantly munges things.

iPhone -- I add or update somebody's phone or email address to my address book, and within a few minutes that contact is synced into my phone, over the air. If I do it on the phone, my address book on my computer syncs within a few minutes as well. It's all seamless.


BlackBerry Media Player -- LOL horrible.... just completely and totally horrible. Sync was a pain in the ass. The usability bad, but the battery life was complete shit if I tried to use it for a day.

iPhone Media Player -- Works pretty well. Sync is easy. Menus are easy. I can listen to music all day, and not run out of battery.

Comment Re:Stability (Score 1) 891

On top of reliability, I vote for pointless complexity.

Just because something *can* be configurable doesn't mean it must be. In most cases I'd be happier with some reasonable defaults.

Also, if you have lots of esoteric features that are meant for 5% of your users, please design your user interface accordingly, so that the other 95% of us can easily ignore that functionality.

Comment Re:Funny (Score 2, Interesting) 293

I've never used them for banking.. BUT for insurance.. they are by far the best i've ever seen

I've had pretty much every possible kind of account with USAA, and they're completely top notch.

I just tried out the updated app, and the Deposit@Mobile feature worked perfectly. I'm a fan.

Comment Do you want an exit? (Score 4, Insightful) 412

If you want to do *exactly this* for the rest of your life, say no.

But if you're like most entrepreneurs I know, that's not the case. It's likely that you could take the money, and pursue a new idea, developing another company, new employees, etc... and having some extra money in the bank will make all that a LOT easier.

As somebody who has done a few startups now, I can assure you that money matters. Because more money means you can chase bigger ideas with less pressure.

Comment Re:Only one way for city and citizens to win (Score 1) 417

I really like this idea.

I'd like it even more if they included a wind-down clause in which the city agreed to sell the network if a carefully designed measure of efficiency and reliability stopped being met. This way if private firms demonstrated that they had become superior to the city, there would be an automatic end of the government's venture.

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