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Comment Duh!!! (Score 3, Insightful) 221

Look, 2 people "really like" the product.

You don't even know if it will be saleable. See, this is the thing that annoys the crap out of me. Right now, your product has zero value, because you have not started to sell it as yet. Absolutely zero.

Sell the darned thing first, see if people like it, if they do, then at least you have some stake in the marketplace and in any proceedings. You would have had the product out there, people may buy it, and you will have first mover advantage.

Right now, all you have is the possibility that someone "may" sue you, and thats just in your fevered imagination. Get coding boyo!

Comment We're happy with Amazon, thank you. (Score 1) 42

While it would be nice to have more competition in the space, the fact is that we trust Amazon with our bits now. There are other players we could trust, but none with the sheer power of Amazon. Sure they go down once or twice a year, but hey, who among us can claim that nothing in our entire infrastructures never ever goes down? Why would the submitter think that any other current player can keep their service growing and have the same reasonable uptimes that Amazon does? Here in the real world, we don't mind paying for crap that works. That's what makes economies run.

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