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Comment Re:I wonder... (Score 2, Interesting) 220

I wonder if it's going to override that setting when it updates itself.

Doesn't seem that way. I had the Foxit Reader plugin installed, and after upgrading, PDFs still opened in Foxit. Quite frankly I can't figure out where the built-in PDF reader even is; I uninstalled Foxit and if I try to load a PDF, Firefox now just prompts me to save the file.

Comment Re:Willing to bet.. (Score 1) 1706

I'm pretty certain if he didn't have a gun it wouldn't have happened, so there is that?

Correct. Instead, he'd have made a pipe bomb full of bb's, or brought in a couple of machetes and started slashing at femoral arteries. Perhaps a little ricin powder in the smoke grenade for added effect. Someone who's so psychopathic as to reach a point where they want to kill random people is going to find a way to get the job done. The gun is not the problem.

Comment Re:As long as they... (Score 1) 240

Yes, a thousand times yes! But in my experience it's only the iOS version that's so crippled.

I've had an iPod Touch (well, 2 different ones) and the Facebook app going on 3 years now, and you still can't "share" posts / links / photos, half the time you can't "like" individual comments in a thread, etc. The Android version has no problem performing these functions. I don't understand what's holding back development and feature implementation on the iOS version, considering that the platform is so popular.

Comment Re:More than just a static IP (Score 2) 160

Yeah, you really oughtn't try to volunteer your DSL connection. If you have a dedicated server somewhere, though, it's pretty simple to configure ntpd and register yourself as part of the pool. I've been doing my part for a few years (whoops - I rebooted yesterday). The traffic really is negligible and the load is practically nil. If you've got the resources, help the cause!

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